Who We Represent

NAGE members live and work in 43 different states from Hawaii to Illinois to Florida. We are nurses, accountants, EMTs and paramedics, attorneys, police and correctional officers, firefighters, dispatchers, and adminsitrative officials. We are the workers who make America work.

State Division

NAGE represents 22,000 workers in over 60 state agencies in Massachusetts.

Federal Division

Our federal members work in the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security, National Marine Fisheries, Department of Transportation, and other federal corporations and agencies

Public Safety Division

IBPO—the International Brotherhood of Police Officers represents law enforcement officers in many areas of the country, particularly in the South and on the East Coast.
IBCO—the International Brotherhood of Correctional Officers represents members throughout the state of Massachusetts and along the East Coast

EMT and Paramedic Division

IAEP—the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics—at 10,000 members strong—is the largest EMS union in the country

Our Affiliates

CFPBA—The Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association represents sheriffs, police, corrections, probation and public employees—2,000 members in 12 eastern Florida counties.

NJFMBA—The New Jersey State Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association represents 5,000 firefighters and EMS providers across New Jersey.