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How do you File Claims for Reimbursement?
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The Hearing Aid Assistance Program provides a maximum reimbursement of $1000.00 every three (3) years for the cost of a hearing aid device. Reimbursement is provided for a hearing aid device only. There is no coverage for a hearing test.


The Trust Fund is your secondary insurance for a hearing aid device. You must submit your claim to your health insurance carrier through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission for coverage first. Then submit your paid receipt for your hearing aid device to the Fund Office with the completed claim form for the Hearing Aid Assistance Program.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts/NAGE Fund Office will not process any claims until all payments have been received from your health insurance carrier. You must submit an itemized statement of services as well as the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your health insurance carrier. The following information must be provided: name of patient, name of insured member, name and address of the provider, date of service, a list of the itemized services provided and each associated charge, with written confirmation of payment for the services.

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