Unit 6 Contracts

*NEW* NAGE Unit 6 1-Year Successor Agreement MOU 2023-2024
NAGE Unit 6 Collective Bargaining Agreement, 7/1/2020 - 6/30/2023
NAGE Unit 6 Collective Bargaining Agreement July 2021
NAGE Unit 6 Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017-2020

Unit 6 Salary Charts

*NEW* Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective January 2024
*NEW* Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective July 2023
*NEW* TPL Salary Chart Effective January 2024
*NEW* TPL Salary Chart Effective July 2023
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective 2020, 2021, and 2022
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective July 2019

Unit 6 Links

June 1, 2023: NAGE Health & Welfare Trust Fund Dental Plan Update - MetLife Dental
March 9, 2021: MOU - Vacation and Personal Time "Use or Lose" Extension
ULP Settlement - Bar Dues

Additional documents can be found linked towards the bottom of this page. 
Local President Chris Cook speaks at the November 2023 Rally for Raises at the State House! Check out his remarks here. 

The NAGE Minute: Local 282 President Chris Cook speaks about the fight for telework!
Check it out here.

Jan 10, 2024

NAGE EVP McGoldrick Re-Elected to MA Retirement Board

Please join us in congratulating NAGE’s Executive Vice President Theresa McGoldrick on her re-election to the Massachusetts State Retirement Board!

EVP McGoldrick has served as the Elected Member of the Retirement Board since 2004. Her lack of opposition in this most recent election is a true testament to her hard work and dedication to the people she serves. Congratulations, and thank you for all of the work that you do!
December 2023

Dec 12, 2023
Contract Funding Update

At long last, we are able to confirm the dates that your contractual raises and retro payments will be in your paychecks. NAGE advocated for our member's money to be in their checks as soon as possible, and we are pleased to report that the Healey Administration heard us, and has gotten it done. Both MassDOT and the Trial Court have confirmed that they will be following the Executive Branch's payment schedule. 

Please find the schedule below: 
  • The July 2, 2023 salary increase will be included in the December 22, 2023 pay advice.
  • Salary payments retroactive to July 2, 2023 will be included in the December 22, 2023 pay advice.
  • Retroactive payments of the additional 1% increase on Step 14 will be included in the January 5, 2024 pay advice.
The January 14, 2024 salary increase will be included in the February 2, 2024 pay advice. A copy of the notice that was sent out from HRD can be found linked here for reference

If you have any questions on the payout schedule, please contact your HR representative. 

We would also like to thank Governor Healey for her swift action in getting the legislation signed as soon as it came across her desk. 
November 20, 2023
Rally for Raises - November 2023
I attended a rally at the State House today regarding our raises. Unionized state employees including, but not limited to, NAGE, AFSCME, MOSES, SEIU 509, SEIU Local 888, the Teamsters, Mass Teachers, and several other unions brought together a huge number of members who gave up a vacation or personal day to attend. There was not a single union that did not have members present. We, of course, are Executive Branch employees but members from the Judicial branch, university and community college teachers, as well as unionized employees from various commissions were also there.
We began the day by filling the gallery at the House of Representatives to make our presence known. We ended the day with a rally on the steps of the State House. We were joined by several State Representatives. One speaker estimated that a total of 50,000 union members are impacted by the delay in contract funding. That’s 50,000 voters (plus spouses, partners, and family members) who will remember this delay the next time our Representatives and Senators ask for our vote. Members and officers from some of the unions, including myself, were asked to speak. I have attached a link for your reference: see remarks here
Given that the Legislature voted to approve the many union contracts in July, why are the contracts still unfunded? The answer is both simple and infuriating: inertia in the Legislature. Each body has a different version of the supplemental budget. Both versions contain complete funding for both our July and January raises, however, until the two versions are reconciled nothing will be sent to Governor Healey for her signature.
I was present at a meeting several weeks ago at which the Governor restated that she would sign the final bill without delay. All the members of all of the unions, not just our own, voted on time to ratify their contracts. In other words, collectively, you and I and all union members have done our job regarding the contracts, and did so without delay. The delay lies squarely with the Legislature.
As you may know, the Legislature is in recess. However, the supplemental budget can still be passed through an ongoing informal session. All of the unions, standing together, will continue to work with the leadership of both the House and Senate. Many of us have contacted their Senator and State Representative to complain about delay. If you have not already done so, I urge you to write or call. Please remember that you cannot do this during hours you are paid by the Commonwealth. Also, it is important to remember not to use the Commonwealth’s email system for political purposes.
As many of us remember, we have had delays like this in the past and we always get paid. We had been assured by legislative leadership that we would not experience delays this time but obviously, they did not keep promises made. It is vital that we continue to work together to remind our Senators and representatives that we are watching and we will be voting.
Finally, I repeat that our raises are not in jeopardy. While non-unionized management does not have a contractual right to their raises, the Commonwealth is legally bound to pay us.
I will continue to keep you posted.
In solidarity,
Chris Cook
Sept 26, 2023

NAGE and the elected members of the NAGE Contract Negotiations Team resume bargaining sessions with the Commonwealth tomorrow, September 26th. We are excited to get back to the table with the Healey Administration, and work towards getting you the best contract possible. 

As you know, we conducted a pre-bargaining survey in 2021, prior to bargaining over your current 1-year contract. We will be surveying members again in the coming weeks, to determine if priorities have shifted or members are looking to bargain for different improvements. 

We will be sending this survey to your personal emails, as we are not held to such strict content and send-time standards that we are with your work emails. Our membership service provider will be reaching out, asking that you update your contact information. Some of you may have already received the email! Please take a moment to do so, so that you can participate in the survey. 

Jul 07, 2023

Executive Branch Contract Funding Information

We have received a number of questions about the 1-year successor agreement that was ratified just a few weeks ago. We want to make sure that all of our members understand the funding timeline that comes after ratification. 

Now that the successor contract has been ratified by the membership, the Administration submits the contracts to the legislature for authorization and funding.
The authorization language is normally passed by the legislature as part of a supplemental budget. While we do not know the timeline for the next supplemental budget yet, NAGE will advocate for the legislature to move as quickly as possible to get money in our member’s pockets. However, it is likely that the next supplemental budget will not be passed before the fall.
Please remember that raises take effect the first pay period in July 2023, but we anticipate the money to be in your paychecks sometime this fall, which would include retroactive payments back to July.
We will keep you updated as any new information becomes available.  
June 2, 2023
Contract Ratification Results

First, we would like to thank all of our members who participated in the Contract Ratification. We received an outstanding turnout and are proud to have such high member involvement. 

Second, congratulations!

With a staggering 98.42% of the ballots voting to Approve the Proposed Successor Agreement, you have voted to ratify your 1-year successor agreement! This contract was hard fought, and we would not have been able to attain the parameters we did without the leadership of the Bargaining Team, the solidarity of the NAGE-led union coalition, or the Healey Administration.

The successor agreement MOU highlights are as follows:
  • Two (2) 4% across-the-board pay increases. The first increase is effective July 2023, with the second following in January 2024. Due to compounding effect, the increases effectively total an 8.16% pay increase by January 2024.
  • Additional funding that we negotiated will go toward other economic improvements for our membership. NAGE intends to use these funds for the following:
    • $3/week per member increases to the NAGE Health and Welfare Trust Fund to enhance benefits for our members, including doubling the Dependent Care benefit and significant increases to dental benefits.
    • For any member making under $50,000.00, minimum $2,000 raises for both the July ‘23 and January ‘24 raises, respectively.
    • A 1% increase to those at the max step on the pay scale, effective July 2023, which means their increase will be 9.2%* by January 2024. This increase is monumental, as even if you are not currently at Step 14, you will likely benefit from this provision in the future: when you do reach Step 14, it will then be 1% higher than it otherwise would have been without this provision. Step 14 will also most likely be the Step you are at upon your retirement, and thus what it is based on.

The Administration will now be filing a supplemental budget for funds to be appropriated by the legislature for the successor agreement. We will keep you updated as any new information becomes available. 

May 19, 2023
Successor Agreement Contract Ratification

The contract ratification vote for the Executive Branch is set to begin on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, via electronic ballot. Voting will run until Friday, June 2 at 9:00AM. If you do not receive a ballot by 12noon on May 24th, please reach out to Kelly Warner via email at kwarner@nage.org. 

I would like to thank the NAGE representatives and the Contract Negotiations Team who put forth an incredible effort to get this contract offer. 
This contract offer, which is the richest in the history of collective bargaining in this state, is the result of many things. First, political involvement is important: we elect our employers, and NAGE has been a longtime supporter of our current governor, Maura Healey. NAGE formed a coalition of state employee unions, led by EVP Theresa McGoldrick and Chief State Negotiator Kevin Preston, and worked hard to keep them together. The coalition asked NAGE President David Holway to be the lead negotiator and spokesperson in dealing with the new administration.
President Holway and the coalition leaders met with the Governor-elect and Lieutenant Governor-elect before they took office in December and outlined the financial harm done to state employees by the Baker years. After the Healey Administration took over, President Holway and the NAGE team sat down with the Secretary of Administration and Finance to hammer out a new contract. President Holway rejected the Commonwealth’s first offer and countered with what we are putting before you, which is what the Commonwealth accepted.
The fact that we have worked for years with Governor Healey and that she was open to free-flowing dialogue is a prime example of why political activism counts.
I would also like to note the fact that our coalition partners stuck together and sent a strong message that none of us would falter, further ensuring the success of this negotiation.  

In order to give you ample time to read over the successor agreement and weigh the pros and cons, we have provided it here for you. 

The successor agreement MOU highlights are as follows:
  • Two (2) 4% across-the-board pay increases. The first increase is effective July 2023, with the second following in January 2024. Due to compounding effect, the increases effectively total an 8.16% pay increase by January 2024.
  • Additional funding that we negotiated will go toward other economic improvements for our membership. NAGE intends to use these funds for the following:
    • $3/week per member increases to the NAGE Health and Welfare Trust Fund to enhance benefits for our members, including doubling the Dependent Care benefit and significant increases to dental benefits.
    • For any member making under $50,000.00, minimum $2,000 raises for both the July ‘23 and January ‘24 raises, respectively.
    • A 1% increase to those at the max step on the pay scale, effective July 2023, which means their increase will be 9.2%* by January 2024. This increase is monumental, as even if you are not currently at Step 14, you will likely benefit from this provision in the future: when you do reach Step 14, it will then be 1% higher than it otherwise would have been without this provision. Step 14 will also most likely be the Step you are at upon your retirement, and thus what it is based on.
I want to remind everyone that execution of these increases is subject to the legislative funding process, which may slow it down. However, NAGE will keep everyone up to date on when they should receive these increases.

If you have any questions on the MOA, please contact your Local President. 

*This number includes compounding.

Successor Agreement MOA can be found here. 



Mar 14, 2023
GIC Information Sessions
The Group Insurance Commission Information Sessions will be starting this week. NAGE members can register for one of the five enrollment sessions through this link: GIC Member Enrollment Sessions
Sessions for retirees will be held on:
  • 3/14/23 at 10AM
  • 3/16/23 at 12:00noon.
If a member is planning to retire in FY24, it would be beneficial for them to attend one of the retiree sessions. 
Enrollment sessions for active employees are scheduled for:
  • 3/21/23 at 5:00PM
  • 3/23/23 at 8:30AM
  • 3/31/23 at 12:30PM
Due to the merger of HCHP and Tufts Navigator, and design changes to other plans, it is crucial for employees to be proactive and select a plan that makes sense for them and their families. If an employee does not make that choice, then the employee and dependents will be automatically assigned to HP Explorer.
Annual enrollment will run from Wednesday, April 5 - Wednesday, May 3rd.

Mar 1, 2023
Executive Branch Bargaining Update
This email is to inform you about the status of negotiations for our new contract. We have been having extensive meetings with other unions to ensure that we will all work together regarding the subject of raises.  While each union has a unique membership with unique needs, all of the unions are now united on the subject of pay increases. After several meetings on the subject, it is clear that we are united in our belief that our “raises” under the Baker Administration were effectively pay cuts. In the past, our work at NAGE has been undermined when one union settled for a low number. We are confident that this will not happen this year because we stand united. Neither side has made any offers yet, but the important preliminary work is being finalized.
Whenever a new contract is being negotiated, there are always rumors about terms and conditions being discussed and sometimes folks will think that actual agreements have been reached. Please be assured that we, as unionized state employees, are a democracy. This means that no contract will be in force until every member has the opportunity to cast their vote to accept or reject.    
There’s still a lot of work to be done but we will do our best to keep you informed as we move forward, together.

Feb 3, 2023
Training And Career Ladder Program FY2023

The schedule for the FY23 Training and Career Ladder program has been released. HRD will continually update members with with updated scheduled and offerings via email. Please find the full details here

January 31, 2023
Workpartners Update
Thank you for continuing to let us know about your experiences with Workpartners. We are writing today to bring you up to date on the work that NAGE has been doing.
As you may recall, we were the first union to file an unfair labor practice charge on the implementation of Workpartners. Today, the Department of Labor Relations (DLR) issued a “Complaint of Prohibited Practice” in response to our charge (linked below). In a nutshell, this means that the DLR found probable cause to believe that the Baker administration violated the law when they unilaterally contracted out leave administration work to Workpartners without negotiating in good faith with NAGE. This is the exact same type of charge that the Baker administration was found guilty of in the PFMLA case that we won several years ago, and ended up costing the state an estimated $30,000,000. If the DLR upholds this charge, it will be the fifth time in a period of just a couple of years that the Baker administration will have been found guilty of labor law violations in cases brought by NAGE.
While this is an important step, it is not the only step. There is still much work for the legal staff at NAGE to do and there is no guarantee of victory. It is great news, however, and we wanted to let you know about this development. 
In addition to pursuing this matter legally, we will also be asking the Healey Administration to re-examine the previous administration's decision to contract out the management of the intensely personal subject of employee medical and family leaves to an out of state, anti-union company at the needless costs of millions of dollars per year.
We will continue to keep you posted as things move forward. Our previous updates on Workpartners can be found linked below.

DOL Complaint of Prohibited Practice 

January 3, 2023
Workpartners Update  

Dear Fellow NAGE Members,
By now, you have received an email from the Chief Human Resources Officer dated December 29, 2022 stating that, “Recently you may have received email from your union about the WorkPartners implementation and we feel it necessary to clarify a few facts.”
Needless to say “your union” is all of us. We are all state employees who know, on the ground, what is happening with WorkPartners. At NAGE, we receive regular emails from fellow state employees describing the difficulties they experience with Workpartners. Over our vehement objection, the Commonwealth has provided personal data to this out-of-state company. Our fellow members are being asked for medical data never before required when taking a single sick day. Medical releases for our children and other family members are being demanded when we take non-FMLA time to care for them. Many of us are made to feel that we are being excessively questioned when we simply want to use earned sick time when we wake up in the morning and realize we are ill.
If the Commonwealth wants to change how sick time is utilized, they must bargain in good faith for that change, which it has not done. Indeed, the evidence now shows that the decision to sign a contract with WorkPartners was made before bargaining even began.
None of this was addressed in the HR email of December 29th. Empty words such as telling us that WorkPartners is affiliated with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), for example, mean absolutely nothing. By telling us that WorkPartners has some kind of quasi-academic affiliation, the Administration seems to suggest that we have nothing to worry about. If you see that as an insult to your intelligence, you are not alone.
The Administration “reassures” us that WorkPartners was merely given data that we typically give to the Commonwealth. This completely misses a concern every one of us shares: our personal data is being sent to a private company, outside the Commonwealth, without our consent.   
The Administration further “reassures” us that WorkPartners/UPMC will not use some of its existing technology (such as that used to support a telehealth visit) when working with state employees. Given the broad releases we are now required to submit, it is almost impossible to believe that this program will not expand to utilize all of the company’s technology.
Did you notice that the Administration failed to point out how many millions of tax dollars are being spent on this unnecessary and oppressive plan? When managers approved our earned sick time, without WorkPartners, there was no additional cost whatsoever. Not a single penny. The WorkPartners contract signed by the Baker Administration is a bad deal for the taxpayer, an oppressive plan for employees…but is a financial windfall for an out-of-state company that promotes itself as a reducer of sick time usage.
Please be assured that our complaint at the Department of Labor Relations is moving forward. While we cannot guarantee success, we do pledge to explore every legal option to reverse this attack on our collective privacy and legitimate use of earned sick time.

We will continue to update you as this matter unfolds. 

November 9, 2022
A memo on Veterans Day, 11/11/22

Dear Fellow NAGE Members,

As I am sure you know, Veterans’ Day is observed this Friday, November 11th. Please be advised that this holiday does not float and, unless you are ordered to work by your manager, Friday is a day off with no other options.

If you are ordered to work on Friday, you will have sixty calendar days following the holiday to take your day off.  As is the case with any time off, you would have to request the day and obtain approval from management. If operational needs prevent management from granting your request, you would then be paid for the holiday day that you lost. 

For reference, these rights are contained in Article 10, Section 10.3 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

With thanks to our veterans, and with the hope that we all remember the meaning of this holiday,

Oct 19, 2022 
Bargaining Team Election Results
Local 282 has voted to elect two members to the Contract Bargaining Team. The winners are below: 
  1. James (Jesse) Clingan
  2. Carlos A. Diaz
Thank you for your participation and congratulations to our winners! 

October 17, 2022
Dear Fellow NAGE Members,
Some of you may be familiar with the Investigations Center of Expertise (“COE”). The COE investigates complaints which are made against state employees from managers, other state employees, and the general public. The administration has taken the position that a state employee’s refusal to answer questions asked during a COE investigation is an act of insubordination. If you are ever interviewed by the COE and believe that discipline could arise, you are entitled to union representation (which you then must request).
Over the past months, I was present with NAGE members for two very troubling interviews. At one interview, the COE investigator asked our fellow member to disclose their sexual preference. In a different interview, the COE Investigator asked our member about their ethnic background. The COE’s request for an answer to these questions was not voluntary.  In my opinion, both questions were unacceptable and irrelevant. The investigator’s questions put both members in a terrible quandary: either disclose personal information or run the risk of insubordination. The questions made me worry about our other members. Members who did not ask for union representation may have been required to make similar disclosures about their ethnic identity or sexual preference without any guidance.
I raised this issue with the COE. I hoped that the COE would voluntarily enter into a binding written agreement to stop this questionable and, frankly, inappropriate practice. The COE was unwilling. I immediately contacted the NAGE legal office to file an unfair labor practice charge. Both sides agreed to mediation. I am pleased to report that we now have a binding agreement. The practice will not continue.
Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the COE’s existing practice going forward is:
  1. You are now free to refuse to answer any questions which require you to disclose any demographic information including, but not limited to, your sexual preference, gender identity, ethnic background or other personal information.
  2. If you exercise your right not to answer, COE will not draw any adverse inference from your refusal.
  3. None of this prevents you from choosing to self-identify personal information. NAGE takes no position on what you may choose to disclose. The key is that the choice to answer is now yours. You cannot be mandated to answer. You will suffer no consequence if you choose not to answer.
For reference, I have attached the Settlement Agreement and the COE’s current FAQs.
In solidarity,

Settlement Agreement

Sept 27, 2022 

The election for the Unit 6, Local 282 Contract Negotiations Team is underway. If you did not receive a ballot, please reach out to Rose Mann at rmann@nage.org to request a new one.

Local 282 will be electing 2 members to the Contract Bargaining Team. Each member is eligible to vote in this election once.

Aug 22, 2022 
Having trouble emailing NAGE?
NAGE has been notified by several of our State members that their emails have bounced back or have been delivered days after sending. Two examples of error messages can be found below.

NAGE's IT department has looked into all possible solutions, and unfortunately, the issue is on the State side.  We are working to fix the issue with the State as soon as possible. In the meantime, please reach out to NAGE via phone or email with your personal email address. A list of frequently used phone numbers are also below.

NAGE Member Action Center (MAC): 617-376-7227
Health & Welfare Office: 617-376-7260
NAGE Headquarters Main Line: 617-376-0220 

  Aug 2022
NAGE to Baker: Expand Telework During Commuting Interruptions

Last week, NAGE wrote to Governor Baker regarding the expansion of telework. Due to the current obstacles with commuting, including the Orange Line closure and the increased price of gas, NAGE is urging Governor to comply with his own directives and expand telework for the state workforce wherever possible.  

Letter to Baker, August 10, 2022

June 2022
Dear Fellow NAGE Members,
As I’m sure you know, our new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) guarantees us a contractual right to Juneteenth as a holiday. This year, Juneteenth falls on a Sunday (June 9th). For many of us, Management struggles with what to say when a holiday falls on a weekend. Thus, I am writing to be very clear about your contractual rights:  
  • If Sunday, June 19th is not your regular work day, you may take your Juneteenth holiday as a compensatory day (a/k/a paid “comp day”) up to sixty calendar days following the 19th. Management has the right to approve which day you choose to take, just like any other day off you request. If Management is unable to approve a day off due to operational needs, you shall be paid an extra day’s pay at your regular rate instead. (Article 10, Section 10.4). 
  • If Sunday June 19th is your regular work day, and you are required to work on the Juneteenth holiday, you shall be paid your regular pay for that day, plus you shall receive a compensatory day off with pay to be taken within 60 days of June 19th. Management has the right to approve which day you choose to take, just like any other day off you request. If Management is unable to approve a day off due to operational needs, you shall be paid an extra day’s pay at your regular rate instead. (Article 10, Section 10.3)
When holidays fall on a weekend, Management often tells us we must take either Friday or Monday off, or we will lose the day. This is simply incorrect and, if you are told this by your manager, or are given any other information regarding this holiday which is not consistent with our rights under the CBA, please let me know. I will take steps to ensure that your manager is educated on this subject.
Collectively, we have all worked hard to secure our rights under the CBA and must not let Management, through honest error or deliberate malfeasance, undermine these rights.
I wish you and your family an enjoyable holiday as we all remember the important meaning of Juneteenth. 
In Solidarity,

May 13, 2022
Updated Use or Lose Deadlines - Executive Branch
The following message from HRD details the updated Use or Lose deadlines for the Executive Branch. 
To: Executive Department Employees
From: Jeff McCue, Chief Human Resources Officer
Date: May 11, 2022
Subject: Updates to Use or Lose Deadlines
I am sharing updated use or lose deadlines for vacation and personal time for managers and bargaining unit employees. These use or lose deadlines have been adjusted periodically throughout the pandemic to strike a fair balance for our employees who may have been unable to utilize time-off due to agency operational needs or travel restrictions.
These updated deadlines are detailed in the attached PDF through 2026. The deadlines have been shared with Executive Department leadership and Secretariat Human Resources officers and provide a gradual return to normal over the next few years.
Of particular note are use or lose deadlines for accruals during calendar years 2020 and 2021 which have deadlines most quickly approaching.  Please note: personal time does NOT roll over from year to year as a part of this plan. 
  The use or lose deadlines for calendar years 2022 thru 2026 have been updated to allow for gradual return to normal in 2026. See specific dates in attached PDFNo action is necessary – employees will be notified of any at-risk balances in advance of each use or lose deadline.
Jeff McCue
Assistant Secretary and Chief Human Resources Officer
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Human Resources Division 

May 5, 2022
Globe Article on Harmony Montgomery Case

Linked below is the recent Globe article regarding the OCA report which was recently released.  President Cook was willingly quoted in the article because he strongly believes that DCF legal was wrongly criticized on many levels and wanted to offer a defense.

As is usually the case with interviews, many of his comments were not included.  There's also one slight error in the article.  He was quoted as saying the parents wanted to retain their rights but in fact stated that they were asserting their right to obtain custody.

While the OCA's goal of child protection is laudable, their criticism of DCF legal is simply wrong.

You find the Boston Globe article HERE. 

May 2, 2022
GIC Update - St. Vincent's Hospital
The following notice was sent out to MA State Employees who qualify for GIC Healthcare plans on April 29th. 

GIC Members,
On April 28, it was brought to the Group Insurance Commission's (GIC) attention that St. Vincent's Hospital in Worcester, a hospital facility that is currently part of the Health New England (HNE) HMO medical plan network, has yet to agree with HNE on the terms of a new contract. St. Vincent's Hospital's current contract expires on May 31, 2022. At this point in time, this means that St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester will no longer be a part of the HNE medical plan network as of June 1, 2022.
What does this mean for you?
  • If you are not an HNE member, and do not intend to enroll with HNE during GIC's Annual Enrollment period for benefits effective July 1, 2022, you may disregard this message.
  • Medicare participants may also disregard this message.
  • For HNE members, or those who are considering enrolling in HNE for benefits effective July 1, 2022.
  • If you live outside of the Worcester area, and/or have no plans to seek medical treatment at St. Vincent’s Hospital or with its affiliated providers, no action is required.
  • If you selected HNE as your medical plan based on its inclusion of St. Vincent’s Hospital within HNE's network, you will have through May 4, 2022, to select a new GIC medical plan that includes that facility.
  • Please note: It is possible that St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester may return to the HNE network, although there is no guarantee that this will occur, nor within any specific timeframe.
  • HNE will continue to include other high-quality hospital providers in the Worcester area in their network such as UMass Memorial and Reliant Medical Group.
  • If you wish to update your medical plan selection, for benefits effective July 1, 2022, as a result of this new information, you must make your change with the GIC during GIC's Annual Enrollment, which runs through May 4, 2022. For more information, please visit bit.ly/GICenrollment.
 Thank you,

Group Insurance Commission

March 30, 2022
Executive Branch 2022 Training And Career Ladder Program - Update! 

Dear NAGE Member,
As you know, NAGE has negotiated the resources through the Training and Career Ladder program for our members. 

Please visit the Training and Career Ladder website for a full list of the programs and courses offered to NAGE members. 

If your selected courses take place during work hours, please communicate with your supervisor and ensure approval prior to registering for or attending courses. Agencies may approve or decline requests based on their operational needs.
For more information, click HERE.

Mar 16, 2022
Update: NAGE Succeeds In Increasing Mileage Reimbursement
We are happy to announce that the Administration has responded favorably to our request to increase mileage reimbursement for NAGE members! As requested, the reimbursement has increased to 58.5 cents per mile, from the previous level of 45 cents per mile, effective March 20, 2022. NAGE is the first union to receive this agreement in the Commonwealth on behalf of our members.

NAGE would like to thank Governor Baker for his swift response to our request, to decrease the burden on our members who use their personal vehicles for work purposes. You can find the Mileage Reimbursement MOU linked below. 

Mileage Reimbursement Increase MOU

NAGE has written to Secretary Heffernan, requesting that he authorize an increase to the mileage reimbursement for our members. NAGE is urging Secretary Heffernan to "exercise the powers granted to you by M.G.L. Chapter 30, Section 25 to authorize an increase in the mileage reimbursement rate to the Internal Revenue Service level of 58.5 cents per mile from the current level of 45 cents." 

The full letter can be found below. 

NAGE To Heffernan: Increase Mileage Reimbursement 

Mar 4, 2022
NAGE Candidates for State Elections
The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) has unanimously voted to endorse Attorney General Maura Healey in her campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. Read more HERE.

The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) has unanimously voted to endorse State Senator Diana DiZoglio in her campaign for State Auditor of Massachusetts. Read more HERE.

The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) has unanimously voted to endorse Shannon Liss-Riordan in her campaign for Attorney General of Massachusetts. Read more HERE.

Feb 23, 2022
NAGE Election Survey Results
Earlier this month, NAGE surveyed all Massachusetts members on their thoughts about the upcoming elections. Thank you to the over 2,400 members who took the time to participate.

As promised, the results are linked HERE

Dec 30, 2021
Use or Lose Time Extension
The Commonwealth has extended the Use or Lose Vacation and Personal Time deadlines for 2020 and 2021 for members of Units 1, 3, and 6. The information below details the exact dates Use or Lose Time will expire. 

HRD: Use or Lose Time Extension

3.9.21 MOU - Vacation and Personal Time "Use or Lose" Extension for  Units 1, 3, and 6

Earlier this week, the Massachusetts State Legislature voted to extend the Emergency COVID 19 Sick Leave Program to April 1, 2022.  The program, which was created by the legislature earlier this summer, was set to expire on September 30th

In the wake of Governor Bakers vaccine mandate announcement, NAGE leadership advocated for the legislature to extend the program to ensure that members who needed the emergency time due to COVID would have access to it.  NAGE National President David Holway thanked the legislature for their quick action to ensure that our members can take the time they need and keep our workplaces as safe as possible. 

For more information on the COVID Emergency Paid Sick Leave Program please see the Commonwealth's page HERE.

Feb 28, 2022
Career and Training Ladder Reimbursement FY22
Dear NAGE Member:
This is a reminder that through the Training and Careers Ladders program, reimbursement is offered to NAGE members for licenses and certifications that they are required to hold as a condition of employment (excluding basic driver’s license). Employees will be reimbursed the full cost of all required licenses and certifications paid for between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.
Below please find a Training and Education Reimbursement Request Form that must be completed by any NAGE member who wishes to be reimbursed for licenses or certifications that they are required to have for their job. This form must be submitted to your Human Resources Office by May 27, 2022 for timely processing (Tracking Code BAF). June 2022 renewals must be submitted by June 23, 2022.
In addition to reimbursement for required licenses, we may also have funds available for reimbursement for renewal of licenses and certifications that are not required. The dollar amount of the reimbursement that members will receive for each non-required license or certificate, coursework to support license and certification, and the number of licenses and certificate that will be reimbursed to each member will be determined based upon the number of members who request reimbursement.  However, the amount paid to each eligible employee will not exceed the actual cost of the license, certification, or course.
Please read the information on the enclosed form and provide all documentation requested.  Failure to provide the needed information may result in your request for reimbursement being denied.
In order to be considered all requests for reimbursement must be received by your Human Resources Office by May 27, 2022 with June 2022 renewals no later than June 23, 2022.
If you have any questions relating to the reimbursement program, please call:
Leo Munroe, National Vice President at (617) 376-0220
Kristen Schow, HRD Office of Employee Relations at (617) 878-9793

Feb 9, 2022
Vice President Buffum Elected Gubernatorial Delegate 
Local 282 Vice President Theresa Buffum was recently elected, in her hometown, to serve as a gubernatorial delegate at the Democratic State Convention in June.  Congratulations Theresa!  We are confident she will support a candidate who values the work of state employees!

Feb 4, 2022
President Chris Cook on WCVB

NAGE Local 282 President Chris Cook joined Kathy Curran via Zoom to discuss the ongoing Harmony Montgomery investigation. Please see the news clip below.


2021 Successor Agreement FAQ
Q: When will we see our raises reflected in our pay?
A: The Administration will now be filing a supplemental budget for funds to be appropriated by the legislature for the successor agreement. We anticipate that you will see the 1.5% COVID Recognition Payment, the 2% retro to 7/2021, the 2% retro to 7/2020, and the .5% PFMLA retro to 7/2020 reflected in your paycheck in late Fall.

Q: Is the 1.5% signing bonus designated as Hazardous Duty Pay?
A: No, this is not Hazardous Duty Pay; this is a one-time bonus with a minimum of $1,000 simply for reaching a contract.

Q: Are we getting Hazardous Duty Pay?     
A: NAGE has reached an Agreement on Pandemic-Related Hazard Pay; please see the MOU linked HERE

Q: I am retiring soon. Am I still eligible for retroactive pay?
A: Yes, if you were working during the retroactive term, you are eligible. 

You can read more in the Retirement Board Newsletter linked HERE.

Q: What is the 0.5% PFML settlement?
A: Please see FAQs on PFML settlement linked HERE

Sept 28, 2021
Vaccine Mandate Update With Exemption Guidance




During the five weeks NAGE has been negotiating with the Commonwealth over the Governor’s announced mandatory vaccination policy, we have repeatedly pressed the state negotiators for information about the standards applied in judging requests for exemptions on medical and religious grounds. The Commonwealth has been unable to give us any clear guidance regarding the criteria that will be used. Instead, they have stated that exemptions will be decided on the basis of the law and the Governor’s Executive Order.
In light of the fact that the Baker administration seems determined to unilaterally begin disciplining unvaccinated employees on October 17th, regardless of the status of our negotiations, we want to advise any employees who are determined not to be vaccinated that securing a medical or religious exemption will likely be the last chance you will have to avoid being disciplined and, ultimately, terminated. While we are determined to forcefully represent any such employees in the grievance/arbitration process and likely Charges of Prohibited Practice, you need to know that that litigation will take place considerably after discipline and discharge are imposed. Please see guidance on Vaccine Compliance from HRD HERE
In the absence of clear guidance from the Commonwealth, we urge any of you who are determined not to be vaccinated to apply now for exemptions if you have any credible argument to make that you qualify for either or both. It goes without saying that while you should make the most robust case you can for an exemption, you must be completely truthful in anything you say or write. The fact that your reasons may not fit the traditional mold should not deter you from applying.   
Please note that the deadline for applying for an exemption is October 8th.
We will update you as events unfold.

Please see our previous vaccine mandate updates below:

Sept 24 - Update on Baker Vaccine Mandate 
Sept 9 - Vaccine Mandate Update
Sept 2- - Vaccine Mandate Questions Answered
Aug 20 - NAGE Files Demand to Bargain 

Executive Branch - Telework MOU
Dear NAGE Member,

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Commonwealth on Telework for our Executive Branch members! 

Thank you to the NAGE negotiations team, and our members who continuously advocated for themselves, for their work in getting this MOU. We are proud of the work our NAGE members have done during the pandemic, and continue to do every day.

The Telework MOU contains the following:
  • Continued benefit of hybrid telework for members who are able and would like to perform duties remotely,
  • The right for individuals members to appeal if telework has been fully revoked and the member has returned to office full time,
  • Continued TTFWP for flexibility of time during telework,
  • Agencies to establish reimbursement policies incurred while teleworking.

Please reach out to your Local President with any questions regarding the Telework MOU. The MOU is linked below for your review.
Telework MOU August 2021

Executive Branch - Hazard Pay MOU 
We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Commonwealth on Hazard Pay for members of Units 1, 3 and 6. You will find the full-text MOU below.

Thank you to the NAGE negotiations team, and our members who continuously advocated for themselves, for their work in getting this MOU. We are proud of the work our NAGE members have done during the pandemic, and continue to do every day.

The Hazard Pay MOU contains the following:
  • Full-time employees directed to report to work in person during November 2, 2020 to May 29, 2021, who were not afforded the option of working remotely, shall receive a one time COVID-19 Hazardous Duty payment of $2,000. 
  • Part-time or hybrid employees directed to report to work in person during November 2, 2020 to May 29, 2021 to provide direct care, public facing, public safety, cleaning and/or maintenance services shall receive a one time COVID-19 Hazardous Duty payment of $1,000. 
Please reach out to your Local President with any question regarding the Hazard Pay MOU. We will continue to keep you informed on our Telework negotiations, as the matter is being bargained separately. 

Hazard Pay MOU July 2021

MA Emergency Paid Sick Leave Bill
The following memo was distributed to all Agency heads last week, regarding the Massachusetts Emergency Paid Sick Leave bill. The bill was signed into law and provides, in-part:
  • the equivalent of 5 days of paid time off to full-time employees (capped at a total of $850.00) for certain COVID-related absences from work;
  • notice requirements for employees seeking to use Massachusetts COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave (MEPSL); and 
  • documentation requirements for employers seeking reimbursement of amounts paid under MEPSL. 
The full-text PDF of the memo can be found HERE

Unit 6 Contract Information

July 2021 NAGE MOU Executive Branch Successor Agreement 
Unit 6 Successor Agreement, Effective July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2020
Unit 6 Contract Effective July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2017
Unit 6 Successor Agreement Effective July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2017
Unit 6 Contract, Effective July 1, 2009-June 30, 2012
Unit 6 Successor Agreement Effective July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2014
MassDOT Master Labor Integration Agreement
Unit 6 Code of Conduct
GPS Side Letter

Unit 6 Educational Assistance Program
Unit 6 EAP Claim Form

Unit 6 Salary Charts
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effectie July 2019
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective June 30, 2011
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective June 30, 2012
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective July 1, 2012
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective first pay period January 2013
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective first pay period July 2013
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective first pay period January 2014

Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective first pay period October 2015
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective first pay period January 2016
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effective first pay period July 2017

Unit 6 Locals
Christopher Cook
President, Local 282
NAGE National VP
Brian Osborne
Executive Vice President
Wendy Knight-Davis
Mary Judge
Vice President at Large
Kathleen O'Connell
Vice President at Large
Theresa Buffum
Vice President at Large
EHS Data Warehouse
Patrick Murray
Vice President at Large
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