The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the MWRA and NAGE Local R1-168 is now available. 
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Feb 27, 2018

Trouble with Your Direct Deposit Paycheck?

The following message was passed on to NAGE from Human Resources: 
It has been brought to DTA’s attention that HarborOne Bank is experiencing problems with the posting of direct deposits – including DTA payroll deposits.  On the bank’s website ( ) they indicate that they are diligently working on resolving the issue.  This may be affecting our employees whose pay is deposited, in part or in whole, with HarborOne Bank.  Please monitor your personal deposits with HarborOne Bank; it is HarborOne Bank Customer Service (800-244-7592 or 508-895-1000) you should be contacting if you have further concerns.  
Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at DTA/HR.
Thank you.
Human Resources


Feb 08, 2018

MWRA Group 2 Bill Reports Favorably

This week, the MWRA Group 2 bill (House 2519) was reported favorably by the Joint Committee on Public Service.  The bill will now advance to the House and will likely be referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means. 

We ask that you please take a moment to contact your State Representative and ask them to support House Bill 2519 by contacting Chairman Jeff Sanchez and urging his support for a favorable report from the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.
To find out who your State Representative is, please go to
You can call the State House switchboard at 617-722-2000 

 Feb 08, 2018

Drawing Winners Are In!

Thank you for signing up for the new NAGE app! We are excited to make communicating with our members easier and more convenient.  
The winner of out drawing have been pulled using a Random Name Picker. 
Please see the results below!

Congratualtions to:
Erica Height, Local 3-005
Tiffany Myers, Local 1-207
Mark Guida, Local 1-292

*If you did not receive an email that your registration was verified on the app, but your application was in by close of business on Thursday 2/8, then you were still entered in the drawing! 
Feb 07, 2018

GIC Update on Health Plans and 2018 Health Fairs

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) met on Tuesday, February 6th and the outcome of the meeting was very positive.  The GIC is taking the concerns of our members and other stakeholders very seriously in their considerations for the GIC Health Plans.  Our labor comissioners Bobbi Kaplan, Margaret Thompson and Joe Gentile have provided tireless advocacy on behalf of our members, and the healthcare we all depend on.  NAGE would also like to acknowledge YOU!  The calls that members made to their state representaives and senators were incredibly important and caused the GIC to push through the reconsideration vote.

A summary of the changes to take place are below:
  • The six (6) carriers will offer a total of eleven (11) plans.
  • Co-pays are now standardized across all carriers and all plans. 
  • There is no change in deductibles, except for the limited network plans.  The deductibles for Unicare CC, HNE HMO, HPHC Primary Choice, Tufts Spirit and Fallon Direct (limited network plans) have been reduced to $400 for individuals and $800 for families. The deductables for NHP Prime will be remaining at $500 for individuals and $1000 for families.
  • Co-pays for Tier III specialists in all plans have been reduced from $90 to $75.  
  • Co-pays for Telehealth will be $15 across all plans
  • The out-of-pocket maximums for all plans will be $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for families.  Unicare's out-of-pocket maximums have been changed to these amounts to reflect consistency across all plans.  
The GIC will be voting on rates February 22nd.  Our labor comissioners will be present at the vote on the 22nd to ensure affordable health insurance rates for our members.  We will keep you updated following the meeting on the 22nd.  

The 2018 GIC Health Fair schedule is posted below.  Please note that there will be thirteen fairs held across the commonwealth at multiple locations and different times to accommodate as many members schedules as possible.  

If you cannot load the graphic, please click HERE.
Feb 02, 2018

NAGE Endorses Theresa McGoldrick for State Retirement Board

The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) is endorsing Theresa McGoldrick for the State Retirement Board. 

Please vote for Theresa McGoldrick, "your" voice on the State Retirement Board! 

Theresa McGoldrick is a National Executive Vice President of NAGE and President of Unit 6 /Local 207.  McGoldrick is running for one of the two elected positions on the five-member board.  The elected member will serve a three-year, uncompensated term which begins May 2018.  

Please use the following link to view the Rules of Regular Election to the MA State Board of Retirement 

​Ballots will be sent out on Monday, February 5, 2018.

Ballots may be submitted via mail, telephone or electronic submission.  Each eligible member is only able to submit one vote.  Votes must be received in the manner and format specified in the ballot on or before March 16, 2018.  

Feb 01, 2018

Union Pressure on GIC Results In Vote to Reverse Healthcare Decision

Earlier today, the GIC voted to reverse their decision of January 18th and will continue to offer Fallon, Tufts and Harvard Pilgrim health plans to NAGE members and other commercial subscribers!  These options will be available alongside Unicare, Health New England and Neighborhood Health Plan.
NAGE representatives attended the GIC meeting to hear the discussion before and after the vote.  The commission first moved to vote on reconsidering their previous decision to eliminate Tufts, Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim as healthcare options for GIC subscribers.  The vote was passed with 12 in favor and 2 against. 

The outrage from Union Leaders and members alike led to the reconsideration of the GIC's decision.   At the public hearings after the GIC's decision was announced, members turned out by the hundreds to express their anger and fear.  One of the most prevalent statements that was taken to heart by the GIC was that many with preexisting conditions were afraid that they would lose their doctors with whom they have built relationships. 

President Holway sent a public letter to GIC Executive Director Roberta Herman filled with words that hit close to home for so many across the Commonwealth (letter can be found HERE).  President Holway's sentiments were further expressed at the GIC Oversight Hearing, where he was invited to share the concerns of NAGE members with the Senate.  Testimony footage can be found HERE.  
The commissioners were asked to vote on replacing Plan A - the reduced carrier plan that was voted through on the 18th, with Plan B, which included the options of Tufts, Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim for commercial subscribers.  Plan B was voted through, allowing commercial subscribers to the GIC the options of Tufts, Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim along with Unicare, Health New England and Neighborhood Health Plan.  You can view the outline of Plan B below.  

We would like to thank the labor commissioners for standing strong on this issue from the beginning, and never ceasing to be a voice for our members.  

Please see footage HERE from the two votes that took place this morning. 
We will keep you updated as things progress with the votes on Plan Design and Rates.

January 24, 2018
NAGE Leaders Respond to GIC After Shocking Healthcare VoteNAGE leaders are outraged over the announcement that the GIC has voted to removed three health plan options for subscribers.  In a rushed vote last week, the labor side's objections were overruled as the vote was pushed through.

NAGE National President David J. Holway, alongside all State and Trial Court local presidents, wrote to GIC Commissioner Roberta Herman to express their astonishment at the GIC’s actions. 

Please see the letter below.  If you have trouble loading the images below, please click HERE.  

Attorney General Maura Healey is in agreement that the process of the GIC vote was "seriously mishandled," read the full article HERE.  

President Holway, along with other leaders of other public employee unions, are united in their disbelief that this process was allowed to move forward as it did.  Read the entire article in the Boston Globe HERE.

Jan 24, 2018

MWRA Local President Testifies on HB 3696

NAGE Legislative Agent Jim Redmond and MWRA Local President Bill Lane gave testimony on HB 3696 Tuesday morning.  
Please click HERE to see the video of President Lane's testimony.  

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