New Contract Available for Unit 6
Please use the link below to access the 2017-2020 contract for Units 6 (no MassDOT). 
2017-2020 CBA, Unit 6
Unit 6 Salary Chart Effectie July 2019

Dec 09, 2019

GIC Listening Sessions 2020

The schedule for the GIC listening sessions has just been published.  You can find the dates, times and locations below, or download the flyer HERE.  

Nov 1, 2019

Election Notice: Contract Negotiations Bargaining Team

There will be an online election for the NAGE Contract Negotiations Bargaining Team.  The elected members of the contract negotiations bargaining team will attend and participate in contract negotiations for the next union contract. 

Self-nominations will be accepted via email to, with the following information

Cell number (or work number): 
Work email address: 
Home email address:

The nomination period will open on Friday, 11/1/19, and remain open until 5:00PM on Friday, 11/15/19.  Members must be in good standing to be put on the ballot.  

The ballots for the election will be emailed on Monday, 11/18/19 and voting will close at 5:00PM on Monday, 12/9/19. If you do not receive an emailed ballot, please contact NAGE Election Officer Tom Flynn at  

No more than one member will be elected from any one secretariat/agency jurisdiction as defined in the by-laws.  The highest vote getter per jurisdiction wins.

Oct 23, 2019

PFML Update on ULPs

Dear NAGE members,
We are writing to give you an update on the PFML situation with the Baker Administration.  NAGE has filed Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs) for Every NAGE State and Trial Court Local.  NAGE has led the fight on this, and is working with others Unions to file their own ULPs as well.  
We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.  
Please see our previous updates HERE and HERE.  

LinkedIn Learning is LIVE!
Click here for the LinkedIn Learning Website
NAGE members have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand library of high-quality instructional videos covering a vast range of business, software and creative skills.  NAGE has negotiated for several thousand additional LinkedIn learning licenses to become available to NAGE members, and those licenses are available now!  

NAGE negotiates for these 5,000+ training classes each year so that our members have more opportunities to acquire new skills and advance their knowledge.  We recommend you check out the courses available and sign up today! As you may remember, was upgraded to the LinkedIn Learning platform in January 2019.  

You can request a log-in by sending an email to, letting them know that you are a NAGE member and would like to register for a LinkedIn Learning account.  *If you have previously used and have an account, you can activate LinkedIn Learning by following the steps found below.  

How to convert account to LinkedIn Learning
August 6, 2019
RISE Aspiring Leader Pilot Program

There is an exciting new opportunity open exclusively to NAGE Unit 6 members!  

NAGE worked closely with HRD to develop this program to enhance the work expierence of Unit 6 members, and to bring more opportunities to advance knowledge.  Individuals who have "demonstrated a strong potential for continued achievement and future leadership across the Commonwealth" are invited to apply for the RISE Aspiring Leader Pilot Program.  The leadership development program is a curriculum-based for the first 6 months, and then moves to collaborative learning with fellow participants for the remaining 6 months.  For more information on the program, please use the links below. 

The RISE Aspiring Leader Program introduces the essentials of effective leadership to equip employees to lead from where they are. The launch of the pilot program is available to NAGE Unit 6 bargaining unit employees with the goal of offering it across the Commonwealth in the future.

Program links: 

Program Overview

Apply for the RISE Aspiring Leader Program

Nominate a Candidate for the RISE Aspiring Leader Program

Complete and Appraising Manager Recommendation Form
Unit 6 Locals
Theresa McGoldrick

The Department
of Revenue
The Executive Office for Administration
and Finance

Bobbi Kaplan
Executive Vice President

Office of the Comptroller of the Commonwealth
Nancy Ronchetti

The Department
of Revenue
The Executive Office for Administration
and Finance
Michael Evers
Vice President

Services Division
The Executive Office for Administration
and Finance
Kelly Donohue
Vice President

Division of Banks
Office of Consumer
Affairs and
Busisness Regulation
Lorrie Roccoforte
Vice President

Early Education
and Care
The Executive
Office of Education
Anne Hartnett
Vice President

Department of Revenue
The Executive Office
for Administration
and Finance

James O'Gara
Vice President

Executive Office of 
Public Safety & Security

Tom Cartier
Vice President

Executive Office of Labor &
Workforce Development
Dept. of Career Services

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