IMPORTANT! Massachusetts Public Employees Subject to New Ethics Law Requirements

NAGE Members Rally and March for Jobs, Condemn Corporate Greed

Join Boston's March and Rally for Jobs October 1st!

Update on Retirement Vacation/Sick Leave Payouts

Significant NAGE Arbitration Win Makes Retiree Whole for Lost Benefits

Local 292 Member Receives Special Call of Thanks from Lt. Governor

RMV, Kaprielian Blasted ... Again ... for Rash Decisions, Disrespect for Process; Herald Calls Latest Brush a Reason for Aloisi Resignation

Complaint Issued against Commonwealth over AAA Pilot Program Implementation

President Holway's Statement on the Death of Senator Kennedy

Without Vote of Commissioners, GIC Executive Director Rejects NAGE's Request to Re-Open Enrollment Period; NAGE Responds

Governor Signs Supplemental Budget, Preserves Funding for Appellate Tax Board, AGO's Fair Labor Division

Governor, Legislators Scrap Plans for Early Retirement Incentive Program

NAGE Calls on GIC Commissioners to Re-Open Enrollment Period

NAGE Retains Renowned Attorney in Salem Sick Building Fight

Two Members Awarded Total of $24,600 in Standby Pay Case

Public Service Committee Hears Carbon Monoxide Bill Filed by NAGE

Under Pressure from Union and Lawmakers, Commissioner Reverses Plan to Privatize Jobs of NAGE Members

Budget Passes House and Senate; Health Insurance Victory Achieved with Increase Held at 5 Percentage Points

2009 NAGE Scholarship Recipients Announced

OP-ED: Is Massachusetts Ready for Two-Tiered System for License Renewals?

Reminder Regarding Saturday Holiday Agreement

Senate Passes Budget Bill with 75/25 Split for Health Insurance; Budget Headed for Conference Committee

Urge Your State Senator to Reject 70/30 Health Insurance Split!

Public Service Committee Looks at Early Retirement Bill for State Employees

"Hit and Run" at Fall River RMV

NAGE Member Vindicated in Ethics Investigation

President Obama Announces Two Nominees for National Labor Relations Board

House Votes for 80/20 Health Insurance for Current State Employees

All in a Day’s Work: A Look at the Job of Massachusetts Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Patrick Administration Trying Again to Shift $60 Million Burden onto State Employees

GIC Approves Premium Rate Increases for FY10

Local 300 Ratifies New Contract

Auto Insurance Appeals Board Here to Stay

State Continues to Send Salem DOR Employees to Work in Unhealthy Building

Registrar Kaprielian Continues Assault on Mass. Drivers

Herald Opinion: Brought to You by AAA

In Economic Downturn, Registrar Kaprielian Proposes to Give State Jobs to Private Corporation

AG Coakley says don't abolish appeals board

Local 207 President Theresa McGoldrick Running for Re-Election to State Retirement Board

Letter to Editor: State dismantling system that works

TAKE ACTION! Legislation to Repeal WEP-GPO Reintroduced in Congress

Opposition to Elimination of Appeal Board Heating Up

Members Vote Yes to New Contract

And the Award For Worst Management Idea Goes To ...

State Reduces Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Governor Signs Executive Order to Consolidate IT

TPL Appeals Update

Contract Ratification Ballots Mailed

NAGE and Commonwealth Reach Agreement on Three-Year Contract

Member Reinstated with Three Years' Back Pay in Arbitration Win

Member Awarded Two Months' Standby Pay in Arbitration Victory