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MetLife PDP Plus –  Download Benefit Summary for MetLife PDP Plus
How the MetLife PDP Plus Works 
The MetLife PDP Plus offers fees up to 35% less than what dentist normally charges when services are received by a MetLife PDP Plus dental provider.
MetLife will provide full coverage for Type I Preventive and Diagnostic services, 80% coverage for Type II Restorative services and 50% coverage for Type III Prosthodontics and Major Restorative services, when those services are received from a MetLife PDP Plus network provider.
If services are received from a dental provider that does not participate in the MetLife PDP Plus network, the percentage of coverage is lowered.  Full coverage remains for Type I Preventive and Diagnostic services.  MetLife will provide 65% coverage for Type II Restorative services and 40% coverage for Type III Prosthodontics and Major Restorative services.
To find out if your dentist is part of the MetLife PDP Plus Network refer to the Directory of Participating Providers available at or call 1-800-942-0854.
If your provider is not currently listed on the MetLife PDP Plus network, ask them about joining.  They can visit the MetLife website at or call 1-866-737-6895.  Or you can contact the Fund Office with the name and location of your dental office.  MetLife is committed to recruiting all non-participating providers into the MetLife PDP Plus network.
When you need dental services, you will be able to select a dentist from one of the MetLife PDP Plus network providers.  You may also see a non-participating provider, though, as noted above, you will lose the benefit of the network discount.

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The maximum payment each calendar year is $1,500.00 for each insured person, excluding orthodontia.  Reimbursement for orthodontic benefits is up to 50% of the submitted charges up to a lifetime benefit maximum of $2,500.00 for each insurance person. 
If your dentist expects that dental treatment will involve a series of covered services, he or she should file a copy of the treatment plan with MetLife BEFORE these services are rendered to you or your dependent.  A treatment plan is a detailed description of the procedures that the dentist plans to perform and includes an estimate of the charges for each service.  Pre-treatment estimates are recommended for any services that are $300 or more but are not mandatory.
Upon receipt of the treatment plan MetLife will notify you and your dentist about the maximum extent of your benefits for the services reported.  If your dentist does not file a treatment plan for a pre-treatment estimate.  MetLife will decide the extent of your benefits based on a review of those services using standard that are generally considered at accepted dental practices.
How to register on MyBenefits
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