• Patrick quietly transfers 500 managers to public employee union
    By Michael Levenson   GLOBE STAFF   OCTOBER 18, 2014

    As he prepares to leave office, Governor D...
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  • Legislature Ends Session; No Vote on Supplemental Budget
    The formal sessions of the Massachusetts Legislature have ended. The House failed to bring the supplemental budget, containing all...
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  • Pres. Holway Appointed to Federal Labor-Management Relations Council
    President Barack Obama has reappointed NAGE National President David J. Holway to the National Council on Federal Labor-Management...
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  • Survey on Impact of "Mutual Respect" Contract Language
    SEIU/NAGE and the Workplace Bullying Institute are conducting a survey to explor...
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Union Local Tax Issues Federal law now requires that every local union file an annual information return—Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-N—with the IRS. If your local fails to file under this new requirement.. Read more