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If you are among the many employees returning to in-person work, caring for your loved ones may also include change. The Mass4YOU Employee Assistance Program offers a variety of family care resources 24-7 and fully confidential in accordance with the law. Call 1-844-263-1982 and advisors will listen to your needs and research options near you to get detailed information on services offered, costs, professional credentials and contact information.

Child care
Some parents and families made the decision to end formal child care while working and learning from home, and you may find yourself needing to seek new care providers or resources. Mass4YOU can help you find state licensed child care resources ranging from backup child care to other services for families with kids of all ages. We can also help with referrals for nanny and au pair services, sick-child care options, special needs children resources and full- and part-time licensed providers. Referrals are free, but you may have to pay for any child care service you use.

Eldercare services
As work and school options evolved, getting support or evaluating options for senior family members may have changed. Contact Mass4YOU to learn more about adult day care options, home health aides and assisted living options. We can also provide information and support on finding a nursing home, home health agency, hospice care and assisted living facilities for you or your loved one.

Finding pet care
Get animal boarding and pet-sitter and walking resources, information on where to volunteer with your pet or where to find a pet to foster or adopt through an animal shelter or rescue group near you.

Contact information
You can find additional information and support for caregiving by logging on, using the access code mass4you. You’ll be able to access national and regional databases to find services, referrals and providers, along with checklists and information to help you research your next steps for the ones you love.

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