September 23, 2019

Dear Trial Court members,

The following letter was sent to Trial Court Administrator Jonathan Williams, urging the Trial Court to take on the burden of the PFMLA tax for all employees.  You can see the official letter HERE

We will keep you updated on any response.  

September 23, 2019
Mr. Jonathan S. Williams
Trial Court Administrator
Executive Office of the Trial Court
1 Pemberton Square
Boston, MA 02108
Dear Administrator Williams,
As the Baker Administration prepares to unilaterally implement an illegal tax on its employees related to the new PFMLA program, the National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) would like to openly thank the growing list of public employers who have agreed to cover 100% of PFMLA costs for their employees. In recent weeks, the following public employers have all indicated that they would pay 100% of the PFMLA assessment cost: Treasurer Deb Goldberg, Auditor Suzanne Bump, Speaker Bob DeLeo (House staff), Senate President Karen Spilka (Senate Staff), as well as all MA County Sheriffs (pending completion of collective bargaining). 
I am again imploring the Trial Court to do the right thing and join the ranks of public employers covering the PFMLA assessment costs for their employees. 
The decision to pay the full costs of the PFMLA program for employees is a clear acknowledgement of the commitment and dedication that public employees make to the Commonwealth each day.  Treasurer Goldberg, Auditor Bump, Speaker DeLeo, Senate President Spilka, and all MA Sheriffs should all be commended for leading by example.
On the flip side, Governor Baker continues to disrespect his employees and the collective bargaining process itself. The actions of the public leaders mentioned above are in stark contrast to the Governor, and it speaks volumes about them not only as leaders, but as employers.  Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Spilka played critical roles in the development and passage of the new PFMLA law which will benefit our working families, but it did not end there. They have continued to walk the walk by setting an example for employers around the state.  Please take into consideration being a leader in the public sector and taking this burden off your employee’s shoulders. 

David J. Holway
National President

September 3, 2019
Vacancy: Local 118 Executive Board

A vacancy currently exists due to Cheryl Beauregard’s recent resignation from her elected position as Local 118 Secretary.  We thank Cheryl for her years of hard work and dedication.  Per L118 By-Laws, the 2 years remaining in Cheryl’s term will be filled through appointment and approval by the Executive Board.

Anyone interested in filling the Vacant Secretary’s position, should send a short letter of interest to President Kim Gruenberg, at, before September 16, 2019. 

more information about the position and its responsibilities, please contact any of the L118 Executive Board members.

The upcoming year is especially important as it is expected that we will be negotiating our next contract.

Thank you,

Kimberly A. Gruenberg
First Assistant Chief Probation Officer

July 10, 2019
Salary Increase Update

NAGE Trial Court members' next contractual pay raise is due to be implemented. In accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, all employees covered by the contract between NAGE and the Trial Court will receive a 2% across the board salary increase.

The increase will be reflected in employees’ pay checks dated July 26, 2019.

Thank you,

David Bernard
MA Public Safety Director
July 8, 2019
Comp Time Pay Down Update!

Comp time pay down will be based on 58% of all hours in excess of 75.  Members can expect to see their comp time money in their pay check scheduled for August 9, 2019.  

Thank you,

David Bernard
MA Public Safety Director
Jun 04, 2019

Scholarship Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2019 NAGE Scholarship!  We had over 2,500 applicants this year, and are hoping for even more next year.  The full list of winners can be found below.  
The 2020 NAGE Scholarship application can be found HERE.  

Apr 16, 2019

New Salary Chart Available

The new salary charts are available below.  They include the side letter salary increases.  

Salary Chart as of 1/2019
March 2019

The 2017-2020 agreement between the Court Administrator of the Trial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Association of Government Employees in now available.  Please use the link below to access the full text document.  

Download contract and MOU's

Mar 06, 2019

NAGE Fights to Protect Health Insurance

NAGE’s Legislative Agenda Facing GIC Premium Increases
On Thursday, February 28, 2019 the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) released the expected plan premium increases for FY20.  The average increase across all FY20 health insurance plans is 3.6%.  

Unfortunately, the premium increases are set by the insurance companies and historically there has been little recourse for the GIC, in part due to the state procurement law.  As part of our ongoing legislative advocacy efforts, NAGE filed legislation this year (Senate Bill 583) to exempt the GIC bidding process from the procurement law in order to foster greater competition in the bidding process.

As the new legislative session gets underway, NAGE’s GIC legislative agenda includes:
  • Increasing Labors Voice (House Bill 2179, Representative Peter Capano) – adding two labor commissioners in seats currently held by members of the general public.
  • Cost shift containment (Senate Bill 584, Senator Paul Feeney)  – advocating for statutory caps on out-of-pocket costs at $2,500 for an individual and $5,000 for a family, in addition to earmarking surplus GIC funds to be transferred into the GIC trust fund to be used to pay cap overages.
  • Procurement (Senate Bill 583, Senator Paul Feeney) – We have consistently heard from GIC administrators that one of the main reasons for the lack of bargaining clout with insurance companies is the state procurement process.  We are calling for a change in the state’s procurement law to allow for greater competition in the bidding process for greater cost containment year to year.
As the new session gets underway, please take a moment to contact your state legislators and ask that they support these important initiatives. You can find the contact information for your legislators here:

“We will continue to fight to level the playing field at the GIC,” stated NAGE National President David J. Holway.  “One of our biggest concerns is protecting our members health insurance, and we will continue to combat the rising costs. 

Please check back for updates and information on how you can help move our GIC legislative agenda forward.

December 27, 2018
Trial Court and Union agree on perpetual Comp Time pay-down policy and pay upgrades for hundreds of members!
Over the last several months, the Union has been meeting regularly with the Trial Court in an attempt to solve several key issues affecting our members. One, a Comp Time pay-down policy that is perpetual and pays our members for Comp Time earned within a reasonable period of time.  Please see the attached Memo for the details on our groundbreaking agreement.   

Additionally, in the attached Memo you will find that the Union has successfully negotiated policies resulting in significant pay upgrades for hundreds of our members!

I would like to thank the Executive Board Members of Locals 458, 229 and 118 for their tireless work over the last several months.  Their dedication to the members they serve has resulted in this significant outcome!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Local President Kim Gruenberg at 617-984-4157, or Trial Court Director David Bernard.
Thank you,

David Bernard

Please click here for the Memorandum of Agreement

November 19, 2018
Election Results

The results from the election of Vice President of Assistant Chief Probation Officer are in!  

Congratulations to Ann MacDonald on being elected to the seat.

Oct 24, 2018

Contract Funding Update

Yesterday afternoon, October 23rd, the Governor officially signed the bill to authorize funding for the MA Trial Court contracts.  

The 2017-2018 raises will be reflected in your paycheck dated November 16, 2018.

The retro pay will be in your paychecks dated November 30, 2018.   

The updated Salary Chart for Trial Court members can be found below:
Salary Chart Effective July 2017
Oct 16, 2018

Breaking: MA House and Senate Pass Budget

Late yesterday, the Massachusetts House and Senate passed the supplemental budget funding bill, which contains the authorization to fund the State (Units 1, 3, 6 not MassDOT) and the Trial Court contracts.  The Governor has 10 days to sign the bill, but we expect that he will act quickly.  Once the Governor signs, the HRD will send out an implementation memorandum to all agencies to implement the pay raises.  We estimate that this will take two pay periods before you will see the prospective raise in your check, and potentially three pay periods before the retroactive raises hit.    

For Trial Court, the raises agreed upon in the Collective Bargaining Agreement contained in this funding bill are 1% + 1% retroactive to the first pay period of July 2017, and 2% retroactive to the first pay period of July 2018.  
We will update you as soon as possible with further news. 
October 2, 2018
Nomination Results
Nominations closed on Monday, October 1st at close of business.  The following positions on the Local 118 Executive Board only received one nomination, and no election is required.
Executive Vice President:
Kimberly Gruenberg

Vice President of Senior Probation Officers:
Lucia Ligotti

Sandra Adams

Cheryl Beauregard


The following position recieved more than one nomination and will require an election.

Vice President of Assistant Chief Probation Officers

Ballots will be mailed on or about October 15, 2018 and must be returned by mail to NAGE no later than November 19, 2018.
Ballots will be counted at NAGE headquarters at 9:00AM on November 19, 2018.
If you have any questions, please reach out to the Election Officer Tom Flynn at 617-376-7246 or by email at
September 14, 2018
Notice of Election and Nomination of Candidates
Nominations of candidates for election as officer for NAGE Local 118 are now open.
Nominations for candidates, with the signed acceptance by the candidate, must be received at NAGE on or before October 1, 2018.
Ballots will be mailed on or about October 15, 2018 and must be returned by mail to NAGE no later than November 19, 2018.
Ballots will be counted at NAGE headquarters at 9:00AM on November 19, 2018.
The nomination form is available below or by calling the Election Officer Tom Flynn at 617-376-7246 or by email at

Local 118 Nomination Form
August 2018
Contract Update

We have received many questions about the state of your contract, and what is coming next.  The supplemental budget that contains the funding for the Units 1,3 and 6 Executive Branch employees, as well as Trial Court employees, is still pending in the legislature.  The legislature continues to meet in informal sessions, and it is likely the budget will be voted on and passed sometime this fall.  Then the money will be appropriated for the raises, retroactive to their effective dates.

Because the financial trigger was met, you will be receiving an additional 1%.  This will give Trial Court employees a compounded 1% + 1% raise, retroactive to the first pay period of July 2017. You will then receive an additional retroactive 2% across the board increase, retroactive to the first pay period of July 2018, and a 2% increase the first pay period of July 2019. 
NAGE continues to lobby for quick passing of the supplemental budgets so we can get your raises to you as soon as possible.  As soon as any concrete information comes out of the legislature, we will notify you. 
Jul 17, 2018

Partial Comp Time Pay Down Update

As stated in previous communication, the Union and Trial Court are pleased to announce a partial Comp Time Pay Down.  We expect the pay to be in your check dated July 27, 2018, but no later than the check dated August 10, 2018.  The percentage pay down will be approximately 33% of all hours in excess of 75.

The Union will continue to work on a long range, permanent, and perpetual solution to Comp Time accumulation and pay down.  We are optimistic that we will have an announcement coming to you shortly.  

Thank you,

David Bernard
Public Safety Director, New England
Jun 08, 2018

Trial Court Ratification Vote Results

On Friday, June 8, 2018, NAGE members of the Trial Court voted to ratify the tentative agreement that was reached with the Trial Court on May 15th. 
"While this contract is not all we had hoped to offer our members, we are pleased members chose to move forward with ratification," said Trial Court Local 229 President Margaret Thompson. 

Dori Medeiros, President of Local 458 stated, “The economic offer from the Governor was not going to get any better than this, and we fought long and hard to get this far."  President of Trial Court Local 118 Kim Gruenberg elaborated, “We are glad that our members recognize the effort that went in to this contract, and we are happy that they voted to move forward with the offer.”  

We still feel that it is a realistic possibility, though NOT guaranteed, that the trigger will be hit.  We will reach out as soon as possible about the funding of the contract.  
Thank you to all who participated in this ratification, and to those who worked hard to build this contract.  

May 17, 2018
Trial Court Contract Ratification

Ballots were mailed out on Friday, May 25, 2018.  If you have not received a ballot in the mail by Thursday, May 31, 2018, please contact Kelly Alexander to request a duplicate at or 617-376-7205.  

The following letter, MOA and Section 17.08 will be mailed in hard copy to all Trial Court members on Monday, May 21, 2018.  

The letter can also be found here -> Trial Court Contract Ratification Announcement 

The full-text MOA can be found here-> Full-text MOA

Section 17.08 can be found here-> Section 17.08

HB1377 for Group 4 Reports Favorably

Update: House Bill 1377 (Group 4) has been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee.  We need the help of NAGE members to encourage their Representatives to support this bill!

Please take a few moments to call your Representative, and ask that they support House Bill 1377.  Please ask your Representative to call the House Ways and Means Chair Jeffrey Sanchez, and urge him to release the bill favorably from House Ways and Means as soon as possible, so we can pass this critically important and long overdue legislation.  

If you are unsure who your Representative is, you can find out here ⇒ 

You can reach the MA State House switch board at 617-722-2000 

NAGE is happy to report that HB 1377, which would grant Court Officers and Probation Officers Group 4 status for retirement, has been reported favorably by the Joint Committee on Public Service.  This includes Court Officers, Associate Court Officers, Assistant Chief Court Officers, Probation Officers, Assistant Chief Probation Officers, Associate Probation Officers and Senior Probation Officers

We expect that the bill will now advance to the House Ways and Means Committee.   

Please check back for updates on HB 1377 and to learn how you can lend your voice to this important legislation. 
Feb 7, 2018

GIC Update on Health Plans and 2018 Health Fairs

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) met on Tuesday, February 6th and the outcome of the meeting was very positive.  The GIC is taking the concerns of our members and other stakeholders very seriously in their considerations for the GIC Health Plans.  Our labor comissioners Bobbi Kaplan, Margaret Thompson and Joe Gentile have provided tireless advocacy on behalf of our members, and the healthcare we all depend on.  NAGE would also like to acknowledge YOU!  The calls that members made to their state representaives and senators were incredibly important and caused the GIC to push through the reconsideration vote.

A summary of the changes to take place are below:
  • The six (6) carriers will offer a total of eleven (11) plans.
  • Co-pays are now standardized across all carriers and all plans. 
  • There is no change in deductibles, except for the limited network plans.  The deductibles for Unicare CC, HNE HMO, HPHC Primary Choice, Tufts Spirit and Fallon Direct (limited network plans) have been reduced to $400 for individuals and $800 for families. The deductables for NHP Prime will be remaining at $500 for individuals and $1000 for families.
  • Co-pays for Tier III specialists in all plans have been reduced from $90 to $75.  
  • Co-pays for Telehealth will be $15 across all plans
  • The out-of-pocket maximums for all plans will be $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for families.  Unicare's out-of-pocket maximums have been changed to these amounts to reflect consistency across all plans.  
The GIC will be voting on rates February 22nd.  Our labor comissioners will be present at the vote on the 22nd to ensure affordable health insurance rates for our members.  We will keep you updated following the meeting on the 22nd.  

The 2018 GIC Health Fair schedule is posted below.  Please note that there will be thirteen fairs held across the commonwealth at multiple locations and different times to accommodate as many members schedules as possible.  

If you cannot load the graphic, please click HERE.
Feb 02, 2018

NAGE Endorses Theresa McGoldrick for State Retirement Board

The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) is endorsing Theresa McGoldrick for the State Retirement Board. 

Please vote for Theresa McGoldrick, "your" voice on the State Retirement Board! 

Theresa McGoldrick is a National Executive Vice President of NAGE and President of Unit 6 /Local 207.  McGoldrick is running for one of the two elected positions on the five-member board.  The elected member will serve a three-year, uncompensated term which begins May 2018.  

Please use the following link to view the Rules of Regular Election to the MA State Board of Retirement 

​Ballots will be sent out on Monday, February 5, 2018.

Ballots may be submitted via mail, telephone or electronic submission.  Each eligible member is only able to submit one vote.  Votes must be received in the manner and format specified in the ballot on or before March 16, 2018.  

Feb 01, 2018

Union Pressure on GIC Results In Vote to Reverse Healthcare Decision

Earlier today, the GIC voted to reverse their decision of January 18th and will continue to offer Fallon, Tufts and Harvard Pilgrim health plans to NAGE members and other commercial subscribers!  These options will be available alongside Unicare, Health New England and Neighborhood Health Plan.
NAGE representatives attended the GIC meeting to hear the discussion before and after the vote.  The commission first moved to vote on reconsidering their previous decision to eliminate Tufts, Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim as healthcare options for GIC subscribers.  The vote was passed with 12 in favor and 2 against. 

The outrage from Union Leaders and members alike led to the reconsideration of the GIC's decision.   At the public hearings after the GIC's decision was announced, members turned out by the hundreds to express their anger and fear.  One of the most prevalent statements that was taken to heart by the GIC was that many with preexisting conditions were afraid that they would lose their doctors with whom they have built relationships. 

President Holway sent a public letter to GIC Executive Director Roberta Herman filled with words that hit close to home for so many across the Commonwealth (letter can be found HERE).  President Holway's sentiments were further expressed at the GIC Oversight Hearing, where he was invited to share the concerns of NAGE members with the Senate.  Testimony footage can be found HERE.  
The commissioners were asked to vote on replacing Plan A - the reduced carrier plan that was voted through on the 18th, with Plan B, which included the options of Tufts, Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim for commercial subscribers.  Plan B was voted through, allowing commercial subscribers to the GIC the options of Tufts, Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim along with Unicare, Health New England and Neighborhood Health Plan.  You can view the outline of Plan B below.  

We would like to thank the labor commissioners for standing strong on this issue from the beginning, and never ceasing to be a voice for our members.  

Please see footage HERE from the two votes that took place this morning. 
We will keep you updated as things progress with the votes on Plan Design and Rates.

November 3, 2017
Trial Court Testimony on HB 1377

On Tuesday, 10/31, several individuals gave testimony in support of House Bill 1377.  Among them were Dori Medeiros, President of Local 458 and Michael Manteria, member of Local 229.  

Please click HERE for President Medeiros' Testimony

Please click HERE for Michael Manteria's Testimony

Please click HERE for Security Director Jeff Morrow's Testimony  

October 23, 2017
Local President Pens Letter to Commissioner Dolan

Dear Commissioner Dolan,
As we have discussed previously, each year the Union testifies before the Public Service committee regarding retirement group 4 classification for Associate Probation Officers, Probation Officers and Assistant Chief Probation Officers, asking to be recognized in this group along with our brothers and sisters in other law enforcement/public safety sectors.  The hearing is scheduled for 10/31/17 at 1PM at the State House and your appearance and support at the hearing would put the weight of the Commissioner’s office behind our repeated requests to the legislature.   
Historically, the requests for group 4 classification have had a long path.  When we look at other job groups who have been reclassified into group 4, it has sometimes been after a tragedy within their ranks and reactive in nature.   The reality is that with increased responsibility for field work and community supervision along with staffing levels that are diminished, the risks for probation officers has also increased.  While we have received training to assist us in those situations, the risks remain a reality.   We have been fortunate that there has not been any event so egregious as to activate or compel the legislature into approving group 4.  I do not want to keep testing that formula.
We are respectfully requesting that you join us at the State House, alongside Security Director Jeffrey Morrow, to help us make the case that APOs, POs and ACPOs, along with our brothers and sisters in security, rightfully belong in group 4 of the retirement classification.
Please advise of your ability to attend so that we may coordinate with you.   Thank you for your consideration and time,
Oct 16, 2017
Leading Public Sector Unions Reach Out to Governor Baker

The leading Public Sector unions in Massachusetts have joined together to urge Governor Baker to reconsider his economic parameters for collective bargaining, as reported  by his representatives.  The letter can be viewed below...

September 19, 2017

July 25, 2017
Comp Time Pay Out

As a follow up to our recent Comp Time Pay-Out Agreement, we would like to inform those members who chose to participate that the money will be seen in your paycheck dated August 25, 2017.

In addition to the Comp Time Agreement, the Union and Trial Court agreed on a few other issues which required resolution. Please click HERE
to view a copy of the MOU.
  1. The probationary period for NEW EMPLOYEES will be increased from 6 months to 9 months. In addition, the Employer is required to conduct a mid-point evaluation with the employee to update and assess the employees’ work progress. This provision DOES NOT affect promoted members, their probationary period remains at 6 months.
  2. Salary Matching for APOs and POs.  Employees who are appointed to the position of APO or PO and are already employed by the Judiciary "will be placed at the step and salary closest to, but more than his/her current salary."  This provision is retroactive to July 1, 2016.
  3. Mutual Respect language has been agreed upon and will be included in our next contract.
  4. Seniority for newly appointed COs with no prior continuous service with the Trial Court (example: Associate Court Officers) will have their seniority ranking determined by their class rank in the Academy.
July 9, 2017
Trial Court and Union Agree to Comp Time Pay Down

The Trial Court and the Union have reached an agreement to pay down a portion of employees’ current comp time. All NAGE members who have accrued more than 75 hours of comp time as of the pay period ending May 27, 2017 are eligible to receive compensation for 25% of that accrued comp time.

For example, a NAGE member with 200 comp hours shall receive compensation of 25% of those 200 hours, at their hourly rate of pay.  The remaining hours, in this example 150 hours, will remain in the employees' comp time account. This will result in a significant financial pay out at a time when we know our members could use the extra money.

Those who do not wish to participate in the pay down will not lose any comp time hours.  
Any qualified NAGE member who 
DOES NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE in the pay down must email Trial Court Director David Bernard at no later than July 15, 2017.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions.  
Thank you,

David Bernard
Trial Court Director
P.S. Our next Bargaining Session with the Trial Court is scheduled for July 18th. We will keep you updated as the process continues.

Local 118 members, 
Please see the letter below from Public Safety Director David Bernard to Trial Court Director of Human Resources Mark Conlon.  

May 16, 2017
Trial Court Bargaining Update
The Union and the Trial Court met for their 5th bargaining session on May 15, 2017.  All proposals have been submitted by the Union and the Employer.
We have been awaiting updated financial parameters from the Governor’s office, but up to this point the news has not been good. Notwithstanding the exorbitant pay raises the Legislature gave themselves, Judges and Clerks, offers made to the Unions have been very disappointing.

We will continue to meet and NAGE is prepared to utilize all resources at its disposal to insure we deliver a fair and proud contract for the Trial Court members we represent.

Thank you,
Margaret Thompson
President Local 229

Dori Medeiros
President Local 458

Kim Gruenberg
President Local 118

David Bernard
State Director
March 27, 2017
Contract Negotiations
On March 21, 2017, the 3rd session of contract negotiations was held between NAGE and Trial Court Management.  Three additional sessions have been scheduled for April, May and June to concentrate the negotiation efforts in order to conclude prior to the June 30th expiration on our current contract.  Your elected Board members continue to advocate on your behalf for the best outcome. 
We will keep you as informed as we are able, and remind you that the particulars of the negotiations are subject to a "gag order" until agreement is reached and it is sent to the membership for ratification.  We remain committed to conducting regional informational meetings prior to the ratification vote.

March 2016
NAGE Scholarships DOUBLING Number of Winners Apply NOW

NAGE has DOUBLED the number of $500 scholarships from 50 winners to 100 winners. That means you are significantly more likely to win this year.

NAGE is committed to helping our members and their families achieve their educational goals and dreams, NAGE is proud to announce the 14th Annual NAGE Scholarships program is now open.

This year 100 scholarships in the amount of $500 each will be awarded in a lottery. NAGE has already helped 650 people and donated $325,000 for NAGE scholarships, we believe that YOU should take advantage of this opportunity.

Applicants for the lottery drawing scholarships must be planning to attend or already be attending a two- or four-year college, graduate school, trade or technical school to be eligible.

Scholarships are available to members of NAGE, IBPO, Trial Court, IBCO, NAGE EMS and IAEP, and the member's spouse, child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or significant other. The application, which is available by clicking the link below, takes about 3 minutes to complete and is the easiest scholarship application you will ever fill out.

Scholarships will be awarded without regard to the sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability of any applicant.

The deadline to apply is May 20, 2017 but don’t hesitate. Apply today by clicking the link below. Remember, you can easily apply online or you can print out an application and mail it to NAGE Headquarters.
Click Here to Apply!

Trial Court Members Go Above and Beyond

As we closed out 2016, NAGE Trial Court reported on a story of a Fall River Probation Officer and the efforts he puts in every holiday season to collect toys and gifts for families in need.  This was just a single story of the quiet work that our members do behind the scenes, and off the clock, to better the communities that they live and work in. 
Another such story is that of Fall River Assistant Chief Probation Officer Mark Costa, who has been working to reunite stolen medals of a late veteran with his family.  The medals belonging to Cpl. Frederick Sylvia were stolen shortly before the WWII veteran passed, and it broke his family's heart that he wouldn’t be buried with them. 
After 18 months of searching, ACPO Costa, along with veteran’s services, was able to track down exact replica of the stole medals to present to Cpl. Sylvia’s family in Florida this week. When asked about why he undertook this mission, ACPO Costa stated, “I see this as an extension of the job we do [for the] Massachusetts Probation Services.”  Please click here to see Costa’s interview with WCVB.  Also, please click here to see the article in the Boston Globe.  
As members of the Trial Court family, we would like to hear about anyone going above and beyond the call of duty!   If you know of any fellow members who should be recognized for their positive actions in the community, or you are involved in some positive community effort, please reach out to any of the following:
Kim Gruenberg
Margaret Thompson
Dori Medeiros
A new Death Benefit will be added to the Plan of Benefits for the Trial Court of Massachusetts
The Board of Trustees of NAGE/SEIU Local 5000 Trial Court of Massachusetts Health and Welfare Fund is pleased to announce the implementation of a $2,000.00 Death Benefit.  This benefit will be retroactive as of September 1, 2016. 

The death benefit is available for each eligible employee, spouse and dependent child.
Who Is Eligible?
A Death Benefit will only be paid for members or dependents who are eligible for Trust Fund benefits at the time of death.
Filing A Claim
A completed Death Benefit Claim Form must be submitted to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts/NAGE Fund Office with a copy of the death certificate.  If a copy of the Death Certificate is not included, the claim will not be processed.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the NAGE Health and Welfare Office.  They can be reached by phone at 1-800-641-0700 or via email at

The Board of Trustees continually strives to improve the Plan of Benefits for Trial Court members.  We are proud to take this step forward, as we did last year with the implementation of the Dependent Care Benefit.  

Trial Court Members Honored at 2016 Trial Court Excellence Awards

On December 6, 2016, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Trial Court held their annual Excellence Awards.  Among those honored were representatives from Locals 229 and 458.  

From Trial Court Local 229, Probation Officer Julie Hall was honored for her swift reactions that saved the life of an infant this past summer.  To read more about PO Hall's incredible story, please click here

From Trial Court Local 458, representatives from both the Bellotti Courthouse and Fenton Judicial Center were honored for 
their dedication to public service, and ensuring the safety of the courthouse.  From the Bellotti Courthouse, Local 458 members John Cahill, Paul O'Rourke and Chris Tufo were honored.  From the Fenton Judicial Center, Local 458 members Michael Britton, Berlis Cuevan, Carlos Morais and Angel Torres were honored.  

Please join us in congratulating all that were recognized for their efforts within the Trial Court! 

Pencils Being Used On Interview Guide Scoring Sheets

It has come to our attention that the use of pencils by panelists on the interview guide scoring sheets during the interview process has continued to randomly occur.   We have brought that concern to the attention of Human Resources.  They have indicated in response that a directive will be going out to all interviewer panelists that they are required to use pen during the interviews when filling out the guides.   Please be aware of this requirement and if you are on an interview and observe the use of anything other than a pen, please alert the interviewer of the requirement and also contact the Union to report the protocol lapse.


Seniority Lists Available

Seniority lists by job title have been updated as of 5/28/2014. The Assistant Chief Probation Officer and Probation Officer list is available below.

Assistant Chief Probation Officers and Probation Officers

Employee Assistance Program Available at No Cost

Trial Court members are reminded that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all Trial Court employees and their families at no cost. While this program is not new, we remind you that it’s a valuable resource if you or a colleague or family member is experiencing difficulties in your work or home life. The program is completely confidential and is described in the brochure that is linked to below.

If you or any member has a question about the program, please contact Roger Albrecht, Benefits Manager for the Trial Court at (617) 878-0373, who is managing this benefit.

Employee Assistance Program brochure

Kimberly Gruenberg
Ann McDonald
Vice President of Assistant Chief Probation Officers
Sandra Adams
Cheryl Beauregard

Lucia Ligotti
Vice President of
Senior Probation Officer
ext. 329

Elizabeth Chabot
National Representative
617-376-0220 (office)
Where trade unions are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected. - Samuel Gompers
NAGE HEADQUARTERS 159 Burgin Parkway
Quincy, MA 02169
Main Phone: (617)376-0220
Main Fax: (617) 472-7566
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