Feb 28, 2024

McCormick Ambulance Employees Win Big with First Contract

Members of IAEP Local R12-062 of McCormick Ambulance in Los Angeles ratified their first collective bargaining agreement this February, securing huge gains to their wages, policies and benefits. 
The 300 EMS professionals of R12-062 will see pay increases in their new contract across the board; New hires will receive about a 12% increase, while more senior employees will see around 13.5% upon ratification and then 4% each subsequent year for two years. 
Additionally, differentials were memorialized, a perfect attendance bonus will be implemented and holdovers will be paid at double time. 
“This win just makes the playing field even more solid in the LA area,” said Nate Smith, IAEP National Representative and Contract Negotiator. “It gives these members a foundation to continue building upon.”
This success was made possible by the relentless effort of IAEP negotiators and staff to listen to the needs of the group and respond accordingly. An earlier vote on the contract initially failed to garner enough support from the Local, prompting the negotiating team to pivot. 
“We were sent back to the table to address six main issues: wages, attendance, uniforms, FTOs, special events and discipline,” said Smith. “All of which, in the end, we were successful in making change for the better.”
IAEP National Representative Shelly Hudelson emphasized that these gains resulted from R12-062’s dedication to and faith in their union. 
“This group will benefit so much from having a contract and being unionized,” said Hudelson. “They now have a voice and have used it on multiple occasions, and now they came out with favorable terms. Nate did a great job on this contract which gives them a great foundation for years to come.”
Congratulations to the members of R12-062 on their first CBA!

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