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The NAGE Communications Department works closely with division leaders and locals across the country on campaigns to inform the public of member issues and concerns that could affect them. Over the last year, we have added video to our campaign resources, believing that it's sometimes most effective to tell and show.

You can view these video campaigns below.

IAEP Organizing for Power

This video was developed to allow EMT's and paramedics to learn more about unions and about the IAEP. It describes tactics management uses to try to keep unions out of the workplace, and it explains how the IAEP can help workers gain a voice on the job.

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Documentary Makes Strong Case for Trial Court Move to Group 4

The top legislative priority for our members in the Trial Court is to get reclassified from Group 2 to Group 4 in the retirement system. Right now, every other public safety or court employee who goes near a criminal suspect gets Group 4—everyone, that is, expect for court officers, PO’s and ACO’s. We’re working hard to change that. The documentary NAGE produced supports the bill we filed (S.1565) on behalf of our Trial Court members.

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National Assists Atlanta Officers In Battle Against Attrition

The IBPO national office joined the brothers and sisters of Local 623 in the city of Atlanta in their fight to stop the alarming attrition rates plaguing the department—just when crime rates were spiking. We produced this video to educate civic leaders about what’s behind the Atlanta Police Department’s high attrition rate and what they can do to turn things around.

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New Jersey Police and Firefighters' Pension System: The Truth

NAGE national stepped up to help the members of our affiliate, the New Jersey State Firemen's Mututal Benevolent Association, as they waged a campaign to educate the public about New Jersey's failing pension system. The state's $80 billion pension system has an enormous (and growing) shortfall because the legislature has failed to make state-required contributions over the last decade, diverting billions of dollars from it for other purposes.