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As frontline leaders at the worksite, NAGE officers and stewards are required to wear many hats. They are problem solvers, educators, organizers, and communicators. They are an integral part of a strong local that protects the rights and benefits of its members.

The training modules provided below contain useful information and tips for successfully performing your duties and responsbilities as a steward, officer, or leader of your local. Each topic includes a brief video and additional resources.

Training Modules

Roles and Responsibilities of a Local Treasurer
In this module, you'll learn about your role and responsibility as the treasurer of your Local. You will learn about:

  • Your responsibility for managing local money
  • Guidelines for complying with National rules
  • Guidelines for complying with goverment regulations, including timely filing of certain documents required by the IRS and the Department of Labor

Ask Before You Act: Complying with the Hatch Act
In this module, you'll learn about the Hatch Act, the 1939 law that regulates the political activity of federal employees. You will learn:

  • Why you need to know about the Hatch Act
  • Who the Hatch Act covers
  • Guidelines for what you may and may not do under the Hatch Act
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