Oct 07, 2021   |   Back to News Update on Baker's Vaccine Mandate Today, NAGE met with the Baker Administration representatives in our sixth bargaining session over the proposed mandatory covid vaccination requirement.  While the state remained adamant that they would begin taking disciplinary action against employees who fail or refuse to be vaccinated by October 17th, we made a series of proposals designed to mitigate and/or delay the impacts on affected employees.   We have also maintained our position that employees be given a mask and test option as an alternative to termination (similar to the City of Boston policy).
We have repeatedly made the point that there are still large numbers of employees who have not been vaccinated and large numbers that have not received a decision on their requests for exemptions.  Today, 78% of Unit 1 employees have been vaccinated, 67% of Unit 3 employees, and 86% of Unit 6 employees.
Although we have a long way to reach an agreement, we made some progress today with the state agreeing to a new, temporarily expanded leave benefit for vaccinated employees who have to quarantine or show symptoms. They also agreed that they would not require booster vaccinations without giving NAGE advance notice and an opportunity to bargain.
We also discussed but did not reach an agreement on a process to expedite the appeals of employees who may be disciplined or discharged for non-compliance with the Executive Order.
As a reminder, the deadline for applications for Medical or Religious Exemptions is October 8th.

Our next negotiation session is scheduled for next Wednesday. 

We will update you as events unfold.

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