Jul 05, 2023   |   Back to News NAGE Fund Office Dental Plan Update Dear NAGE Member:

The Board of Trustees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts/NAGE Health and Welfare Trust Fund is pleased to announce an exciting change to the Dental Program. Effective July 1, 2023, NAGE members will be enrolled in MetLife Dental Plan.

Change from Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier to MetLife PDP Plus Network effective July 1, 2023
  • MetLife will duplicate the current plan design. The current dental fee schedule will remain the same. The annual maximum, maximum fund payments, orthodontia lifetime maximum and annual maximum for dental implants will be unchanged.
  • MetLife is providing access to its PDP Plus Network. Dentists who participate in MetLife’s Network have agreed to offer their covered services at discounted rates. Non-network dentists have not. This means you save by using a MetLife PDP Plus dentist, whenever possible. You may also see a non-network provider, although as noted above, you will lose the benefit of the network discount.
To learn if your dentist is part of the MetLife Network, or to find a Network dentist, you can visit the MetLife website at www.metlife.com/dental or call 1-800-942-0854.

If your provider is not currently listed on the MetLife PDP Plus Network, ask them about joining. They can visit the MetLife website at www.metlife.com/dental or call 1-866-737-6895. You can contact the Fund Office with the name and location of your dental office. MetLife is committed to continued recruiting of nonparticipating providers into the MetLife PDP Plus Network.

MetLife allows access to your information 24/7 online via a secure member website, or through the phone interactive voice response system (IVR), or during business hours from a Customer Service Representative at 1- 800-942-0854.

MetLife Identification Cards with your new MetLife Identification Number will be issued from MetLife directly. Keep an eye out for your new Identification Cards in the mail.

Notify Your Dentist – When making your next dental visit, notify the dental office of your new dental plan with MetLife.

Understanding Dental Work-in-Progress – If you have treatment that has started but will not be completed by the July 1, 2023 effective date, please refer to your Delta Dental Certificate Summary/Plan Description or contact the Fund Office for details on how to submit your claims.

The Board of Trustees is dedicated to providing ongoing improvements to plan benefits, so as to provide members with the best options available within the plan’s financial capabilities.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact the NAGE Fund Office at 1-800- 641-0700 or 617-773-8947 or email fundoffice@nage.org

The Board of Trustees
Commonwealth of Massachusetts/NAGE
Health and Welfare Trust Fund

A PDF of the Dental Plan Chance Notice can be found here
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