Jan 23, 2023   |   Back to News FY24 GIC Plan Changes Though the GIC will not know the health insurance premium rates for FY24 until March 2023, the GIC commissioners will vote on the medical plan design changes at the upcoming February meeting. The GOC Commissioners representing NAGE members consistently object to voting on plan design without knowing the premium rates. 
Virtual Public Information Sessions for GIC subscribers will be held on January 24 at 12:00PM and again at 6:00PM and on January 26 at 9:AM. Each session is 90 minutes. 
To register for these sessions, please use the corresponding links:
Register for Session 1   Tues. Jan. 24, 2023   12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
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Register for Session 3   Thurs. Jan. 26, 2023   9:00 am – 10:30 am
The details that are available for the FY24 plans are below.
There are name changes, plan design changes, and copay changes for some but not all plans. As you probably remember, Harvard Community Heath Plan and Tufts merged to become Point 32 Health. However, that name will not be used for GIC members; the current Tufts Navigator and HP Independence plans will become HP Explorer POS. Tufts Spirit and HP Primary Choice will become HP Quality HMO.
Allways Health Plan, which is a regional plan, becomes a broad network plan with its name changed to MGB(MassGeneralBrigham) Complete HMO.
There will no longer be two Unicare Basic Plans, one with CIC and one without. CIC will be incorporated into the plans; the cost difference will be shared by the GIC and the Commonwealth in accordance with their current contribution rate. 
Unicare Basic for those living outside of New England will become HP Access America PPO. The Unicare Basic plan for those living in New England will become Unicare Total Choice.
For retirees, the Tufts Medicare Complete Plan will become HP Medicare Enhance, and the Unicare Medicare Extension Plan will continue with the same name.
Health New England (HNE) will retain its name.

Mapping chart with plan name changes
There will be no change in deductibles for all plans. They will remain at $500 for individual and $1000 for family.
Most PCP copays are now either $15 or $20 but in FY24, those copays will be $20 for those plans. For HP Explorer (formerly Tufts Navigator and Harvard Independence) the PCP copays will be tiered at $10/$20/$40.
Similarly, most specialists are currently tiered at $30/60/75. HNE will only have 2 tiers, $30/60 and HP Access America and Unicare Total Choice will have a $45 copay for any specialist which is an increase from $20.

Inpatient copays for Allways (soon to be MGB) will be tiered to correspond to all the other plans. Allways is currently $275; that will change to $275/500/1500. Unicare Total Choice and HP Access America will become a non-tiered plan for inpatient copays which will be $275.
Outpatient eye and gastrointestinal procedures for all plans will be $150 and all other outpatient procedures will be $250.
CVS will be the pharmacy for both retail and mail-order prescription medications, replacing Express Scripts and Silver Scripts.

The GIC website can be found here: Group Insuance Commission Website

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