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Health Insurance Increase Lowest in Over a Decade; No Major Changes to Plans

March 2, 2012

The Group Insurance Commission voted today on an average 1.43 percent increase to health insurance premiums for state employees—the lowest increase in more than a decade. The new rates for FY 2013 are effective July 1, 2012. While the average is 1.43 percent, some employees may see a smaller increase and others a slightly larger increase, depending on their plan. The national average rate increase for employer-sponsored health plans was 5.7 percent.

NAGE members have contributed significantly to the Commonwealth's cost-containment efforts, largely by enrolling in lower-cost plans. According to the GIC, "to date, 30 percent of active employees are enrolled in lower cost plans, saving the Commonwealth more than $20 million this year." Those savings also accrued to employees who chose the lower-cost plans, with individuals and families saving an average of $600 and $1,400, respectively, in FY 2012.

The GIC is a quasi-independent state agency governed by a fifteen-member Commission appointed by the Governor. NAGE Attorney Richard Waring serves as vice chair on the commission, advocating strongly for the interests of NAGE members and all state employees across the Commonwealth.

For plan information, attend a GIC Health Fair
The GIC has scheduled a number of health fairs (view the Health Fair schedule)across the state to give employees the opportunity to get more information about the plan they're in or to explore other available plans. Unlike last year, there is no mandatory re-enrollment. If you like the plan you're, you don't need to do anything this year to stay in it.

For specific questions, please go to the GIC website at www.mass.gov/gic