Local 368 Executive Board

Christine Grey
Chris Grey

Mark Kratman
Mark Kratman
Executive VP

Tony Ferolito
Tony Ferolito

Beth Caron
Beth Caron
Vice Pres.

Faren Woolery
Faren Woolery
Vice Pres.

Message from Chris Grey


January 2014 Salary Chart....Unit 6-MassDOT Unit D-Salary Chart-Effective first pay period January 2014


posted April 7, 2014

Pursuant to the NAGE National Constitution and Bylaws, the NAGE National Executive Board has scheduled the 2014 NAGE National Convention for September 9 through September 12. All NAGE Locals must hold a meeting to determine whether or not to send delegates to the convention. If it is affirmed by vote that the Local or Unit does want to send delegates, then nominations will follow at the same meeting. You must be a member in good standing to vote and to nominate.

In the case of Unit 6, Local 368, the elected officers are ex officio delegates. Therefore, if the members who are present at the meeting vote to send delegates, nominations will not be necessary and the elected officers will attend the convention as delegates.

Unit 6 Local 368 will hold its meeting as follows:

TIME: 5 pm

DATE: Thursday, April 17, 2014

LOCATION: NAGE Headquarters

159 Burgin Parkway, Quincy, MA

2...Classification study…The study has been release and by now mostly everyone has had a chance to look at it. I have been asked a lot of questions about the study.

  • Management and the Unions are making every attempt in resolving the missing JAQ's issue and to get them evaluated. We are asking the membership, who filled out the JAQ and is marked "no JAQ or cannot locate or in any way missing" on the study, to complete and return the MassDOT Classification Study - JAQ Completion Certification. If you have sent me the documentation please note that on the form and if you have any additional documentation please send that along with the form. Please return the form to me (cgrey@nage.org and joan.makie@state.ma.us) no later than December 4.
  • If you disagree with the recommendations please email me and as soon as the "appeal process" starts I will contact you with the appropriate forms and documentation
  • If you want to fill out a JAQ please contact me and I will send you out one that will be review by the committee.

3...July 2013 Salary Chart....Unit 6-MassDOT Unit D-Salary Chart-Effective first pay period July 2013

MOU Signed Agreement

Steward Contact Information
Robert "Bob" Beauvais District 3A Westminster (617)217-8601 Robert.Beauvais@state.ma.us
Stephen Belton District 3-Highways (508)929-3845 Stephen.Belton@state.ma.us
John Bowes MassDOT IT 857-368-9988 John.F.Bowes@state.ma.us
Annmarie Conway 10 Park Plaza-MassDOT 857-368-9029 Annmarie.Conway@state.ma.us
William Ferringo 10 Park Plaza-MassDOT 857-368-xxxx William.Ferringo@state.ma.us
Adam Swan 10 Park Plaza 857-368-xxxx adam.swan@state.ma.us
Todd Gurney RMV Quincy HQ new number Not available
Joseph Mucci District 4-Highways (781)641-8455 Joseph.Mucci@state.ma.us
Phil Nadeau Springfield-RMV (413)530-3989 Philip.w.Nadeau@state.ma.us
Marjorie Pettoruto Highway Operations Center (HOC) (978)697-2986 Marjorie.Pettoruto@state.ma.us
Michael Sheehan MassDOT (Right of Way)-District 4 (617)240-9788 MSheehan8@gmail.com
Patricia Ruffin RMV Quincy-HQ MRB (857)368-7674 Patricia.Ruffin@state.ma.us
Kerry E.( Walsh ) Poniatowksi RMV Springfield 413-732-3090 Kerry.Walsh@state.ma.us

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