Unit 3/MassDOT Unit C


Pursuant to the NAGE National Constitution and Bylaws, the National Executive Board has scheduled the 2014 NAGE National Convention for September 9 through September 11.

All NAGE Locals must hold a meeting to determine whether or not to send delegates to the convention. If it is affirmed by vote that the Local or Unit does want to send delegates, then nominations will follow at the same meeting.

In the case of Unit 3, the elected officers are ex officio delegates. Therefore, if the members who are present at the meeting vote to send delegates, nominations will not be necessary and the elected officers will attend the convention as delegates.

UNIT 3 (Local 219, MassDOT Unit C) will hold its meeting as follows:

TIME: 5 pm
DATE: Friday, April 11, 2014
LOCATION: NAGE Headquarters
159 Burgin Parkway, Quincy, MA

Unit 3, Local 219