Nov 18, 2016

Senate President Stanley Rosenberg Attends Joint State Executive Board Meeting

On Friday, November 18, 2016, Senate President Stanley Rosenberg spoke to a large crowd of NAGE Stewards at the National Headquarters in Quincy, Ma. President Rosenberg illustrated to the members why for over 30 years he has been a friend to the public employee and a champion for working families.

NAGE National President David Holway introduced the Senate President and said, “Senate President Rosenberg is what we like to call a ‘safe vote’ he has always been there for us when we needed him and has fought to protect the collective interests of State employees for over 30 years.”
Rosenberg took the podium and addressed everything from the Presidential election earlier this month to legislation he is currently working on. NAGE Executive Vice President Theresa McGoldrick thanked President Rosenberg for working with members in the House as well as the Governor, to delay or avoid budget cuts for now, which would negatively affect Executive branch employees.

Rosenberg then commented and said that while he was very encouraged by the economy he is concerned that cuts from the Governor’s office could come in the future, but he would likely have a better idea in December.

The Senate President opened the floor for questions. Local presidents, many of whom had met with him or his staff earlier this year, were able to share and address the concerns facing their members.

President Rosenberg’s message was an optimistic one as he was quoted as saying, “If you work 40 to 60 hours a week you shouldn’t have to turn to the government for support for food or fuel or any other goods. If you are, that means there is not enough in your paycheck. This means that for too many of us the economy is not working. Together, with the values we share, we can change that.”

The American Labor Movement has consistently demonstrated its devotion to the public interest. It is, and has been, good for all America. - John F. Kennedy
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