Jul 09, 2015

Promotional Exam Audit Results

The results of the District/Superior promotional exam audit have been provided to those who took the test and to the Union.   We appreciate that those who passed were anxious to move onto promotional interviews.   Instead, they exercised restraint and patience while their brothers and sisters, who did not pass, pursued the question regarding the validity of the instrument, due mainly to the high rate of those who did not pass the essay portion.  The results of the audit have been returned and substantiate the validity of the instrument and compliance with the rubric for grading.   Those who passed are to be congratulated.  Those who did not can anticipate there will be future exams and opportunities and begin, once again, to prepare. 

We appreciate that the Trial Court responded to the Union’s urging that another review of the exam and grading process was deserved based on reasonable expectations for outcome that differed from the actual outcome.  As this was the first exam given for promotional opportunities since the Court Reform Act of 2011, we were all on new territory.  The audit results have confirmed the original outcome and we must now turn to moving on with the business of staffing our courts and interviewing for the promotional opportunities we have waited so long for.  We recognize that for some, there is deep disappointment, and as your Union, we will work with you and provide support individually to assist you in moving forward.   The best is wished for each of you, both professionally and personally.
In Solidarity,
Margaret Thompson
Trial Court Local 229 President
David Bernard
NAGE MA State Director

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Full Audit Report: 2015 Massachusetts Trial Court Probation Department Essay Examination

Letter from HR Director Mark Conlon 

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