Apr 04, 2016

Press Release: IAEP Opposes Illinois SB1483

For Immediate Release:

Lincolnwood, IL - The International Associations of EMTs and Paramedics opposes Illinois Senate Bill 1483. This bill goes to hearing on Monday, April 4th, 2016 at the Illinois State Capital.

SB 1483 seeks to make all contracted firefighters in Illinois change their uniforms and vehicles to identify themselves as contractual workers. If passed, the legislation is effective immediately and a violation provides a $1,000 fine per occurrence. The IAEP has a number of members in Lincolnwood, Illinois, who will be affected by these changes if the bill passes.

There is no difference in training between private sector and municipal firefighters and paramedics. All Illinois firefighters and paramedics hold the same certifications and licenses, which are overseen by the State Fire Marshall and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Yet this legislation attempts to shame private sector public servants, not only stripping them of their right to proudly wear the Lincolnwood fire department’s name, a right they achieved through hard work and dedication to their community, but separating them from the Lincolnwood fire community.

All IAEP members are encouraged to help stop this legislation. Please click the link below and register as an OPPONENT to the Original Bill and Add Position with Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 and mark OPPONENT to each of the amendments.

Click here to register as an opponent to SB 1483

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