Oct 20, 2016

PO Julie Hall Receives NAGE Humanitarian Award

NAGE would like to congratulate Juvenile Probation Officer Julie Hall, who received the NAGE Humanitarian Award for excellence in Public Service.  PO Hall accepted the award at the annual NAGE Stewards Conference on October 14, 2016.  Julie Hall is a member of Trial Court Local 229. 

The National Association of Government Employees is proud to represent Probation Officer Hall.  She is credited with saving the life of an infant during an unscheduled home visit in July 2016.  Hall heard the baby crying from outside the apartment when she arrived for a home visit, and no one responded when she rang the bell or knocked on the door.  Hall then realized that the air conditioner was not running.  She called 911 and officers were able to enter the home by pulling the air conditioning unit from the window.  The child is reportedly doing very well now, thanks to Hall’s immediate action. 

“We are proud of the great work that our probation officers do, and Hall took swift action in a situation that could have ended much worse,” said Local 229 President Margaret Thompson.

Please see the video below of Probation Officer Julie Hall accepting the Humanitarian Award, along with remarks from Congressman Kennedy and Attorney General Healey.  

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Margaret Thompson, President David Holway, Julie Hall and Ann MacDonald
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