Dec 27, 2016

NAGE Top 5 of 2016

NAGE had many significant moments throughout 2016. Below is our list of a few of the more memorable of those events, in no particular order. The organization wishes to thank its members and staff for their solidarity throughout this year and the next. These moments are impossible without strength through unity. We look forward to continuing our work together in 2017.

1. Orlando EMS Professionals Respond to Pulse Shooting:
Last June, our union brothers and sisters were on duty when a tragic shooting occurred at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. IAEP Local R5-84 members were on scene that night, providing care to the wounded, and working to save the lives of those critically injured that night. Click below to view a video honoring those dedicated EMS professionals.
[Click here to watch the video.]

2. State Rep Rady Mom Speaks at 2016 NAGE Eboard Meeting:
In December 2016, State Representative Rady Mom who represents the 18th Middlesex district in Massachusetts gave a powerful speech at the 2016 NAGE Executive Board meeting. Please click the video below to watch the video.
[Click here to watch the video.]

3. NAGE Charities Donates Backpacks to Elementary Schools:
This year, the NAGE Charitable Foundation teamed up with W.B. Mason to provide backpacks to elementary school students in Quincy, Massachusetts and in Atlanta, Georgia. Please click below to watch the video.
[Click here to watch the video.]

4. NAGE Members Dig Out DC:
Remember the news that several Massachusetts state workers volunteered to go to Washington, DC to help that city dig out after a massive snowstorm in late January 2016? NAGE members were among that group of volunteers who braved the snow and shared their expertise with the people of our nation’s capital. You can learn more about them in this video!
[Click here to watch the video.]

5. PO Julie Hall Receives NAGE Humanitarian Award:
Juvenile Probation Officer Julie Hall received the NAGE Humanitarian Award for excellence in Public Service at the annual NAGE Stewards Conference on October 14, 2016. Julie Hall is a member of Trial Court Local 229.  Please see the video below of Probation Officer Julie Hall accepting the Humanitarian Award, along with remarks from Congressman Kennedy and Attorney General Healey.
[Click here to watch the video.]


The American Labor Movement has consistently demonstrated its devotion to the public interest. It is, and has been, good for all America. - John F. Kennedy
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