Nov 24, 2015

NAGE, Mass. Sign MOU on New Job Posting System

NAGE and the Commonwealth have negotiated a memorandum of understanding regarding a new online system for posting and filling state jobs.  The presidents for the NAGE state units hope that the new online system will benefit NAGE members seeking promotional opportunities and career growth with the Commonwealth, but they will be keeping a close eye on the system’s implementation to ensure that it is accessible, user friendly and beneficial to NAGE members.

The local presidents from NAGE Units 1, 3, and 6 negotiated and finalized the MOU on November 13 for the MassCareers/Hire Now program. The pilot program lets state employees create a profile in the system, post a resume, choose who can or can’t see their information, and get alerts when a job matching their profile is posted. The current Commonwealth Employment Opportunities system is still operating, but it is expected that it will eventually be phased out in favor of the new system. The new technology will aid members by allowing state agencies across the Commonwealth to view their resume for promotional opportunities if they choose to share the information.

While the NAGE local presidents were generally supportive of the pilot program, they are concerned about accessibility and training for all NAGE members. “We have many members across the state who don’t have regular computer access at work, or who don’t get computer training,” said John Mann, president of NAGE Local 292. “We’re going to be monitoring the pilot program very closely to make sure everyone gets the access and training they need to be on a level playing field.” 

“This change could potentially bring more transparency and fairness to the promotion and job application of the Commonwealth,” said Greg Sorozan, president of NAGE Local 282.

NAGE Local 219 President Leo Munroe is concerned his members may be among the most heavily impacted. “Many of my members do not have access to computers at work or may not use them at home,” he said. “I want to make sure that they will have all the training they need to participate, so they won’t miss out on any promotional opportunities.”

“We are going to strictly monitor the agreement so that it lives up to the proviso of granting workplace computer access and training in how to build a resume,” said Steven Douglas, president of NAGE Local 308.

Part of the MOU specifies access to state-owned computers for workers whose everyday duties do not include ready access to a computer. The Commonwealth will still abide by Article 14 promotional criteria in selecting qualified applicants for hire and promotion. Internal candidates will still receive first consideration over external candidates. Additionally, the main reason for NAGE’s support is to benefit members by having their resumes in the database for all state agencies to review and select for promotional opportunities. 

“We hope that the technology will increase the number of members promoted internally and create better career growth opportunities for our members,” said Theresa McGoldrick, president of Local 207.

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