Mar 03, 2016

NAGE Leaders Push to Maintain Current Health Insurance Premium Structure

In the wake of Governor Baker’s proposal to increase GIC premium shares for state workers, NAGE leaders and lobbyists have continued efforts on behalf of our members to urge legislators to reject the Governor’s proposal to move all employees to a 75/25 premium split, and maintain the current levels. 

After meeting with key house budget writers on Wednesday, we can say that our concerns have not fallen on deaf ears.  President Holway again offered praise to House Speaker Robert Deleo, whose positive comments on holding the line on health insurance were a welcome sign of support for state workers.  According to State House News Service, Speaker DeLeo said “increasing the employee share of health insurance rates would "greatly hurt a lot of people."  DeLeo also said “what I hear from some of the folks who work for the state is they're under same difficulties as everyone else in trying to make ends meet."

The House Ways and Means budget proposal is due to be released and debated in April.  Once the budget is released we will provide an update on the House’s proposal.  NAGE will continue to closely monitor this issue and continue to urge the legislature to hold the line.  Please check back regularly for updates and possible action items.

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