Jun 30, 2016

NAGE/IBPO Supports 5.3 Percent Raise for Federal Employees

NAGE/IBPO is in support of legislation which will result in all federal employees receiving a 5.3% pay increase. The Federal Adjustment of Income Rates Act of 2016 (FAIR ACT), introduced by Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Ben Cardin (D-MD), serves as a remedy for federal employees having lost more than a billion dollars in wages due to furloughs, sequestration, and a three year pay freeze.

Federal employee wages and salaries continue to lag compared to those in the private sector. Over the past six years, federal employee wages increase 3.3 percent, while private sector employee wages increased 11.3 percent.

NAGE/IBPO believes our members should be paid more for their hard work and are fighting every day to ensure that well deserved pay increases are given.

NAGE/IBPO asks you to contact your senator and urge them to vote YES to the 2016 FAIR Act.

NOTICE:  Please do not contact a member of Congress during work hours. Do not use your government email address or government phone when contacting a Member of Congress


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Letter on behalf of the Federal Postal Coalition in support of a 5.3% raise for all federal employees.
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