Mar 06, 2019

NAGE Fights to Protect Health Insurance

NAGE’s Legislative Agenda Facing GIC Premium Increases
On Thursday, February 28, 2019 the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) released the expected plan premium increases for FY20.  The average increase across all FY20 health insurance plans is 3.6%.  

Unfortunately, the premium increases are set by the insurance companies and historically there has been little recourse for the GIC, in part due to the state procurement law.  As part of our ongoing legislative advocacy efforts, NAGE filed legislation this year (Senate Bill 583) to exempt the GIC bidding process from the procurement law in order to foster greater competition in the bidding process.

As the new legislative session gets underway, NAGE’s GIC legislative agenda includes:
  • Increasing Labors Voice (House Bill 2179, Representative Peter Capano) – adding two labor commissioners in seats currently held by members of the general public.
  • Cost shift containment (Senate Bill 584, Senator Paul Feeney)  – advocating for statutory caps on out-of-pocket costs at $2,500 for an individual and $5,000 for a family, in addition to earmarking surplus GIC funds to be transferred into the GIC trust fund to be used to pay cap overages.
  • Procurement (Senate Bill 583, Senator Paul Feeney) – We have consistently heard from GIC administrators that one of the main reasons for the lack of bargaining clout with insurance companies is the state procurement process.  We are calling for a change in the state’s procurement law to allow for greater competition in the bidding process for greater cost containment year to year.
As the new session gets underway, please take a moment to contact your state legislators and ask that they support these important initiatives. You can find the contact information for your legislators here:

“We will continue to fight to level the playing field at the GIC,” stated NAGE National President David J. Holway.  “One of our biggest concerns is protecting our members health insurance, and we will continue to combat the rising costs. 

Please check back for updates and information on how you can help move our GIC legislative agenda forward.


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