Jun 22, 2016

NAGE Celebrates Flag Day At Quincy School

The Lincoln Hancock school was a part of NAGE’s annual Flag Day celebration on June 14th, 2016. On this day many students got excited as they each receive a flag of their own while the school gets a brand new flag to fly on their own flag pole. Guest speakers included Kevin Doyle from NAGE and superintendent of Quincy schools Dr. Richard DeCristofaro. Both Doyle and DeCristofaro enjoyed the songs from the kids and the bands the most. Both were also impressed on how prepared the students were for this event. With a plethora of patriotic songs and a fun felt atmosphere from the school and teachers the event made out for a good time.

            Kevin Doyle has been a part of this celebration for a number of years. NAGE is partners with every Quincy public school. NAGE also handed out a $10,000 check to the “Teacher Mentor Program” as well. Last year backpacks were handed out to the school.

            Everyone at the event had a positive response as there were smiles and joy everywhere. When asked for the superintendent to share a few words on the event he responded in cheery mood about the whole situation, “this is a memory that the kids will never forget” and went on how important it is for kids to know the history of this day. With a number of participants that praise the partnership with NAGE and how much of a helping hand we are with every Quincy public school.  

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