Jan 05, 2015

Meigs County EMS Partners with Local Businesses

Pomeroy, OH—The end of 2014 brought together Meigs County EMS and several businesses, starting many new partnerships to start 2015. Among the partnerships is Holzer Health System, Medflight, Meigs Local Bus Garage, Jobs and Family Services and Portsmouth Ambulance. These partnerships will help provide greater care to the community, whether it’s with Holzer’s emergency room that sits next to EMS headquarters, or using Medflight’s helicopters or local ambulance transports that will aid in better and faster medical care in the surrounding area.  Coming soon will be a Medflight building in between Holzer’s emergency room and the Meigs County EMS administrative building. Creating a building closer to where emergency transportation is needed will not only ensure faster transfer time, but will lessen the community’s financial burden with shorter trips.

As a result of the partnerships, several more full-time jobs will be added. The partnership with Jobs and Family Services will provide training academies for potential EMS employees, taking on the cost of the training for participants ($1,000 a person). The partnership with Meigs Local Bus Garage will also provide cheaper service to the EMS vehicles.

Meigs County EMS has set the bar high for ensuring their growth and positive direction in EMS. Not only is Meigs County creating a better workplace for its employees, but the community is directly benefiting from the new developments with more effective healthcare. Keep up the good work!

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