Jan 27, 2016

Local 619 Fights for Living Wage

(San Diego, CA) -  NAGE EMS and Local 619 continue the fight to get union members in San Diego a living wage. The union is working with Rural Metro/American Medical Response (AMR) management and the San Diego City Council to raise the pay of over 200 EMS professionals whose wages are lower than the current San Diego living wage.
NAGE EMS National Director Phil Petit explained, “We’re working with management as they are willing to bring the wages of more than 200 members, who currently receive pay lower than the living wage set by the San Diego City Council, up to the current standard.”
After over a year and a half of taking the necessary steps towards achieving their goal, the union continues to fight for results. National Representative Shelly Hudelson stated, “We continue to fight so that no Local 619 member is exempt from the city’s living wage.”
Petit added, “We’re excited to take these steps forward with Rural Metro/AMR management and the San Diego City Council after months of hard work by Local 619 and its leaders. Through unity and strength from our members, we can continue to fight to get these professionals, who risk their lives daily on the job, the pay they deserve.”
We look forward to providing more details as progress is made for these dedicated EMS professionals in San Diego.

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