Dec 09, 2015


Pursuant to Article XVI of the contract, section 16.04, the Office of the Commissioner of Probation on December 8, 2015 has sent a notice to Regional Supervisors and Chief Probation Officers that performance evaluations of probation personnel should begin. 

The wording in the contract indicates “The parties acknowledge that the Trial Court has the statutory right to evaluate its employees and the parties agree to bargain the impact of an evaluation system on the employees.  It is understood by the parties that the implementation of any evaluation system shall be deferred until all management employees have been evaluated.”

The Union was informed that performance evaluation of the managers had been completed.  During impact bargaining meetings, management indicated that the performance evaluation would be utilized by the manager to communicate with the employee regarding job duties and responsibilities, level of performance expected, provide feedback and offer or discuss opportunities for professional development.  The performance evaluation will not impact the employees’ contractual step or bargained for increases in compensation. 

Management indicated that the evaluation timeframe for NAGE members in Probation Service is calendar year, January 1st to December 31st  and with a mid-year review in June.   The CPO will be meeting with each employee to complete a baseline performance evaluation for the calendar year 2015 by February 15, 2016, which will also be the basis for the calendar year 2016 review process.

Please refer to the contract and to the Trial Courts’ Human Resources website to review the Policies and Procedures Manual, section 28.000 for more information about performance evaluations.  If you have any questions, you can email me at or call at 617-376-7222.

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