Oct 07, 2015

DOD reconsiders some of its radical proposals

After substantial pressure from NAGE and its labor partners the Department of Defense (DoD) has made significant changes to Force of the Future (FoF), a broad package of radical internal personnel reforms. The proposed changes included immediately moving Title 5 employees to Title 10, doubling probationary periods, and other proposals directed at attacked employee rights and protecting management.

At an August DoD Labor-Management Roundtable meeting, NAGE was handed a 90-page report detailing a set of comprehensive, sweeping changes to the DoD civilian workforce structure. The report was commissioned by the Acting Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Brad Carson and created by a small group of hand-picked specialists.  Unions were given 2 weeks to respond to the proposals, which were labeled “Pre-decisional.” (Backstory)

NAGE began a relentless campaign against the proposals in FoF, addressing the reforms at each and every labor-management meeting, NAGE National President David J. Holway writing directly to Secretary Carson, creating an online campaign for union members to participate, and informing media outlets of the plan.

At a special meeting of the DoD Labor-Management Roundtable with Secretary Carson’s Chief of Staff, DoD revealed an updated FoF plan with significant changes:
  • The move from Title 5 to Title 10 proposal was eliminated entirely and replaced with “a 6-month study to examine certain aspects of an updated personnel management system, including movement of DoD civilians to Title 10, adopting an updated classification system, removing time-in-grade promotion barriers, establishing dual-track specialties for certain job classifications, and market based compensation.”
  • A proposal to increase permeability between the DoD and the private sector was updated to mitigate potential conflicts of interest.
  • Hold Low Performers Accountable: eliminated proposal to include all PIPs in personnel files indefinitely; amended the proposed unconstitutional dismissal process.
  • Amends most “immediate action” proposals to pilot programs, requiring study and oversight.
Although these steps in the right direction, implementing FoF as it currently stands would be disastrous to the civilian defense community. NAGE continue to demand stronger changes and more involvement from unions in the decision-making process. Please expect more updates to follow.

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