Jun 22, 2016

Local 458 President Dorianna Medeiros and E-Board Lobby for Group 4

Local 458 has been lobbying for years to get Group 4 retirement for our members and we need your help to convince law makers to stop dragging their feet. Today, Dorianna Medeiros led the charge with the Local 458 E-Board and went to the State House to lobby H. 2285, a bill that would move NAGE Trial Court employees to Group 4.
This bill would give ACO's, CO's, and ACCO's retirement parity with police officers, corrections officers and other public safety workers. “Many law makers didn’t realize that ACO's, CO's and ACCO's were not at the same level as other law enforcement professionals,” Medeiros stated, “Once we explained that we were looking for parity with police officers, most of the lawmakers were sympathetic to our efforts. We need our members to stick together and call their lawmakers. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
NAGE Lobbyist Ray McGrath added, “This is a real grassroots effort by Local 458. We have pushed this in the past but this time we are hoping for more member involvement. Since Dorianna stepped in we have seen a noticeable difference; this is something we can win, and we just need people to relay the message on to their lawmakers.”
Among the members they met with were James Dwyer, Theodore Speliotis, James Murphy, Carole Fiola and Tackey Chan. The bill is scheduled to come to a vote in the near future. 
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President Medeiros and Local 458 Executive Board
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