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With Political Activism, Local 679 Members "Get It"

COPE participation among highest in national union

Local 679 members in Georgia understand that being active in politics is part of what it means to be a union member. Joining together to pool resources (numbers and money) is the way members get power. If everyone joins the union, it makes it stronger. It sends a message to management that workers are united behind the union, our contract, and our stewards. And we are not alone.

Likewise, members have to pool resources to have power in the political arena. It is in politics that decisions get made on health care, on the economy, on the minimum wage, on jobs kept here in the US or shipped overseas, on rebuilding America, fighting against foreclosures, and on figuring out how to solve America’s dependence on foreign oil among other things.

Members of Local 679 “get” it. They say, "Alone we are weak, together we are strong. We want to see real change in this country. We want to see the middle class grow, not shrink. Many American workers have not had a raise in years and when we do get one, it doesn't’t keep up with inflation. Working Families MUST become a priority for all politicians, locally and nationally. We are tired of working and still having to struggle to pay our bills, buy gas, send our kids to school. We “get” it. We are joining our union’s political action fund and we are building our political strength."

“I decided to join COPE because we have to elect people who stand up for the average person. We need changes in the leadership of our country and our state. Together we can make that happen.” said John Weems, new Local 670 COPE contributor.

At One Source, 70 percent of the members joined COPE. At Carlisle, COPE efforts have just begun and already 53 percent of the members signed up. Local 679 has started to get COPE forms from Olympus and Moody Air Force base as well, and will start outreach efforts to other work sites to build member support.

Members of Local 679 are not only willing to put their money together to support pro-working-family candidates, but members have volunteered to register people to vote, to go canvassing in neighborhoods, and to work to Get Out the Vote on election day.

Political involvement is not an “add on” to what these members do. It is a continual part of what they do to make sure that we all see positive changes in America. Join COPE today!