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Local 679 CNAs in Tifton (Georgia) Win Scheduling Victory

Submitted by Anna Avato

In Tifton, Georgia, the employees at Golden Living Nursing Home have been facing some serious challenges. Recently, the administrator cut hours back so drastically that many employees were trying to figure out how they could afford to live. Many of the CNAs have families to support and live paycheck to paycheck.

As a union, Local 679 recently won a decertification campaign there and began contract negotiations. One of the things the local asked for is every other weekend off for CNAs.

When the company decided to make unilateral changes, the union filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the company for changing working conditions during contract negotiations without the consultation and agreement of the union.

Not only were the hours reinstated for employees, but the administrator agreed to give employees every other weekend off and the shop steward has been assigned the duty of assisting with scheduling.